I found Phosphate Cascade Pacs..

NoobtoLaundryMarch 6, 2013

In the UK, Cascade (sister brand) is called "Fairy" and there pretty much exactly the same packaging as our Complete & Dawn Pacs.

There "Complete Pacs" (Yellow & Blue Swirl) is called Platinum.

Anyway.. if you loved the old phosphate powered pacs (like I did) you can find them online. Just avoid the "UK Ariel". It's Phosphate free and is far from comparable to the Mexican Version.

Now.. if I could just find Mexican Phosphate Powered, Mr Clean ;)

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But I've never seen Fairy brand here in US. Pity.

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Yeah, I've never seen them in store here either :( However, I really, really wanna try them considering they boost a 30% phosphate formulation :)

I always got amazing results with 8%, I wonder how much more cleaner the dishes would come out with 30%..

Times like this, I wish I knew people in Germany & London that could hook me up with the good stuff..

eBay has them.. but I don't really wanna pay such a premium for them... :(


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You do realize why the chemicals were removed don't you? They are dangerous. They probably found it in our bodies and in our water at levels that are unsafe. I read that they are trying to decide whether to stop using the chemical in dial anti bacterial hand cleaner for the same reason.

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Phosphates were banned for environmental reasons - they kill fish by causing algae blooms. There are no health concerns to humans related to washing dishes with phosphates, but considering it all goes down the drain and harms the environment, it's very irresponsible to try to circumvent the laws there to protect our little remaining wildlife and our clean water.

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According to this research they are very bad for humans.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dangers

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I agree with EmmaR - eating dishwashing detergent, with or without phosphates, is not good for you.

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Triclosan is another chemical that "whoever" is trying to decide if it should be taken off the market. It is in our bodies and in the water everywhere. I don't use dial liquid because that is the main ingredient.

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