Bertazzoni gas/induction cooktop with a Zephyr 400 CFM Hood?

blf2011April 25, 2011

Doing the long-awaited kitchen remodel, and, after looking at every combination under the sun (seemingly), have decided on the new Bertazzoni PM363I0X 36" 5 burner cook top. The top has a single 18,000 BTU gas burner, 2 5,500 BTU gas burners and 2 3.1 KW induction burners. Would love to hear anyone's experience with this cook top, but it gives the induction system I want to have with a pot options and old-style flame we wanted also.

Need to pair it with an under cabinet hood. After looking at a bunch of them, the wife and I really like the Zephyr Tamburo ZTA-E63AS (like the price too). We think the half moon design looks pretty good.

Problem is, the hood is only rated at 400 CFM, and cant find any hood with a similar shape rated at the 600CFM I generally had been looking at. Anyone be of help regarding whether the hood can deal with the cooktop. It would be vented up, and then with a 90 degree right turn exiting the side of the house about 8' away from the hood?

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Fori is not pleased

If you do your messy cooking and heavy water boiling in the middle or towards the back, it should be fine. Every once in a while when you pull out the wok you might be underpowered, but I suspect you'll be fine.

What do you have now and is it adequate?

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I have an Crosley electric top range with a window behind it-- no hood. Needless to say, its inadequate, but since only 3 of the 'snail' burners work at one time, I guess it could be worse.

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Fori is not pleased

I bet it's cute though!

I think you'll find your new setup much better. :)

I rarely use my hood to its 600 cfm capacity and could probably get by with 400. Maybe every other month I'd wish it went higher but not enough to really ruin my day. I just have induction and no gas (hey--just realized the only time I've had that hood on high was when I was burning something in the oven a few feet over or dicing habaneros under the hood). The only ventilation difference I can think of is with gas (or snail electric) is that when you spill or boil over you do get smoke.

My last kitchen had a 400 cfm Zephyr (Pyramid style I think?) and it was always fine. I had it over gas and I had a lot of incidents. If you have a wall behind it and cabinets to either side and you don't deep fry every darn thing you eat, I would do it. Ideally, you might be advised here, you'd have one hugely oversized as well as over cfmed. But in real life, people match the sizes, go with pretty low cfm, and are happy on the few occasions they turn them on.

Go for looks--every time you bang your head on a nice soft curve, you will like it even more. (Someone on the kitchen forum used that hood a while back in a corner application--the only way they could open the nearby doors--and I think they were pleased with its performance. I'm not sure if it's on the FinishedKitchensBlog but if it is, perhaps you could find feedback from the owner on that particular hood.)

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Can you tell me if you ended up purchasing the Bertazzoni gas/induction cooktop? If so, how is it working out? I am considering this cooktop for a new build and have been unable to find any reviews nor see the actual unit in any showrooms (limited choices in my area). Would love a review from an actual purchaser/user.

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I did purchase it, but its still several months before the kitchen will be ready for it, so I cannot be any help to you. Let me know if you find one working.

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BLF2011 have you started using the Bertazzoni cooktop? I am considering it and would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you

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BLF2011 have you started using the Bertazzoni cooktop? I am considering it and would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you

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Sadly, I'm still a few months away, will give a full report in March (hopefully, probably April)

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Would you believe May?

Finally got the Berta up and running about two weeks ago. Really like it so far. Only issues so far is that the induction burners are pretty close to each other so putting two largish pots on them is pretty tricky. The other odd thing is that the knobs that operate the induction burners are turned clockwise and go low to high (and then Boost), while the gas burners turn counter clockwise and go from high (light) to low. Also, there is a plug inside the gas inlet for shipping, make sure you or your installer pulls it out before installing.

Induction is everything advertised, immediate power changes, things come to heat quickly, loads of control and easy to clean. The large gas burner puts out a good amount of power as well. Haven't done anything overly smokey yet, but the Zephyr is reasonably quite and puts out good light.

Will put some pictures up soon.

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Hello BLF2011,
I'm also considering this cooktop and wonder if you've had more opportunity to cook with the unit since your last post. Do you feel the two middle gas burners are crowded like the induction burners? Is the one 18,500 BTU provide enough heat if you're cooking several things?

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Did you get the Tamburo? I have had that hood for almost nine years now. It is over my Kenmore induction range.

I am pleased with the hood although I wish it was farther from the cooktop -- mine is low and we bumped our heads more than a few times in the beginning.

Mine vents straight outside (no turns) and is more than adequate (it is a 36" hood over a 30" range). The only time I use it on the highest power is when I fry bacon(because it is a little too noisy).

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Bump. Will anyone report on this cooktop and post a picture? Thanks.

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Bump. Am considering this cooktop. Would love some feed back. Thank you!

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