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suziequeMarch 9, 2009

Ok, I know that Dysons have been discussed ad nauseum! I've read lots of the back posts, but I have what I think is a simple question.

Are all Dysons the same vacuum (made to look different), and the difference is in the attachments? That's what I've "heard".

I want one that will clean my area rugs and my hardwood. One that will pick up the fur from my 6 cats and rabbit. Regarding the furniture, I pretty much just use a damp sponge, so am not sure that I'd use the attachment that comes with The Animal.

Is the All Floors going to suffice for me, do you think?

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Dyson vacuum cleaners are going to be different when it comes to the model numbers. Example DC07, DC14, DC17, etc. But within each of those model numbers, you will find that they are basically the same, except for color and attachments included. If you look at the DC14, for example, you will have the DC14 Basic yellow and steel(all floors), DC14 Low Reach, DC14 Animal and DC14 Full Gear.

The "all floors" model will be fine for you, but which model number? There is an all floors for each model DC__.

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While your researching the Dyson also try to find the Vacuum you will get after you are disappointed with the Dyson. With SO many negative responses and refurbs from returns, you would think people would get the message. If you do decide on one PLEASE wash your filters and replace the "lifetime" HEPA often or the machine will stop working. We get them every week to clean out.

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lucky51 -- For all the reviews of the Dyson I read, there are a lot more happy owners than unhappy.

I have a Hoover Self-Propelled Windtunnel but I use a Dyson DC14 at a house I clean. For the most part I like everything about it.

-- Suction is excellent, especially when using the hose
-- Cord is extremely long
-- Simple and clean to empty
-- Very easy to push on low plush carpet (my SIL says it is harder to push on her frieze carpet

The only things I don't like:

-- It acts like it want to eat and destroy some rugs -- if you have alot of rugs, I would not get this vacuum
-- It makes a hissing sound when in the upright position (air coming out of the hose

But -- I still think it does an awesome job.

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and replace the "lifetime" HEPA often or the machine will stop working.

And yet my Dyson is still going strong after six years.

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If you havent changed the Hepa filter, I would bet its not going as strong as you might think. Just for kicks, take the cover off that houses the hepa filter. Hold the filter in place with one hand and turn the machine on with the other. If the filter is hard to keep in place, then you need to change it. If you do change it you will notice that the new filter does not have a gasket while the old one probably does. They removed the gasket because dirty filters were actually breaking the motor housing. By Removing the gasket the machine is not a sealed system anymore. So is it True Hepa?

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wow - so, I tried your little test - and no, it seems to want to stay there without the housing. so I guess washing the pre-filter every month has been a good thing?

sounds like the fault is with the owners, not the machine.

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I got one of the very first Dyson cleaner sold in the USA (at the Terrance Conran shop in New York City). It's been 9 years. My premotor filter is washed once every six months whether or not it needs it. The motor in my machine is original and it still has all the suction it ever did. The only thing I've done is replace the belt (motor to clutch) which cost $2 and the brush roller which cost $10 (HESSCO.com). My Dyson works as well if not better than a brand new one.

When looking on Hessco.com I notice the new Hepa exhaust filter comes without the gasket, which they sell SEPARATELY. Apparently, when one buys a new Hepa filter, they also buy the $1.89 gasket, peel off the sticky backing, and apply it to the outside of the Hepa filter. MY Hepa filter is 9 years old, not clogged up, and still works like it should (NO dust escaping). I would never go back to bags again. I also don't buy paper towels for the same reason - I can wash kitchen towels like I wash out my Dyson.

Who wants to really store dirt in the closet, in a bag? That's why vacuums stink - the filthy old nasty dirty bag sitting in the dark warm closet. No thanks.

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"Who wants to really store dirt in the closet, in a bag? That's why vacuums stink - the filthy old nasty dirty bag sitting in the dark warm closet. No thanks".

I do! I have used vacuum cleaners, that use vacuum bags, for years. Using a vacuum cleaner bag is not an issue for everyone. To date, I have not heard of any wide spread illnesses from using a vacuum cleaner bag. Or, storing the dirt-ladden vacuum cleaner in the closet.

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Cleaning the pre filter is definitely a good idea but even so, the Hepa filter is on the exhaust and also captures carbon dust off of the motor brushes. So a filter that is 9 yrs old needs to be replaced to maintain proper airflow. Anyone that believes otherwise is only kidding themselves. Also, the gasket on the hepa filter isnt available from Dyson, the new filter comes without it for the reason I mentioned above. Of course this is just one persons opinion but I hate to see people be mislead.
Changing the belt on the clutch is no easy task, the average person probably cant do it, so you must be pretty mechanically inclined. The prices at Hessco seem to be cheap, although I couldnt find a company by that name. I did find Hesco and they dont carry any parts for the Dyson. Then there is Essco, but you have to be a dealer to buy from them. The average consumer will pay 3 or 4 dollars for the belt, 30 or 40 dollars for the roller and another 30 plus for the filter if it is genuine. But most wont be able to install either, so there will also be a labor charge involved.
Of course this is just one persons opinion, but I hate seeing people be mislead

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We have the DC17 Animal and it think it does a nice job on rugs. I'm much less than impressed on hard surfaces. Alone the vac does a so-so job. There's a hard floor cleaning attachment included but the nature of the hose makes it very awkward to use.

I also have an Electrolux canister, one of the Oxygen series. Not as good for rugs but does a great job on hard surfaces.

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my earliest memory regarding vacuums, is how my mother's old oreck stunk up the closet it was in. i think the problem was not so much the bag, but the cloth covering.

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I tried going to HESSCO.com and it redirected me to http://www.scriphessco.com/ - a medical supplies type company.

I would be very interested in getting to the site you purchased your Dyson parts on. I would like to replace the cannister on my original Dyson as I broke off one of the plastic pieces that holds the bottom on the cannister. When I went to the Dyson site, the price was more than I wanted to pay. I would be curious to know if your site is cheaper.




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The hesco site does not sell Dyson parts and supplies. To the best of my knowledge, they have never sold Dyson parts. You will have to do a search for the part. The Dyson site price is pretty reasonable.

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It's www.essco.net, but I don't know if they carry Dyson parts.

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I love my Dyson Animal. I've had it over 5 years, no problems at all. I have the same filter that came with it. Most people that I know love their Dyson's so you can add me to the list. I always thought the certain models come with differnt attachemnts. I would buy another Dyson when the time comes.

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To think your Dyson is sitting in your closet without any dust in it is quite humorous to me. Try taking it apart and blowing out the cyclones....PS please wear a dust mask... you're going to be quite surprised!

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My DH bought me the yellow DC14 for our anniversary (yes, I wanted it).

His quote: If I'd known that cat sheds that much I would never have let you get him!

I can't imagine how long I was vacuuming with my old vac with the bag stuffed full.

This is the 3rd Dyson in our extended family (DS, 2 SIL's) and we all love them.

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Oh gosh, I'm about to reveal my ignorance. My husband bought us a Dyson Animal about 8 months ago. As a side note, I thought the instructions that come with it were horrible. Anyway, it said to clean the filter at least every 6 mos. When 6 mos. came around, I cleaned it as instructed although it didn't appear dirty. I'm assuming this is the HEPA filter you are referring to. What is the pre-filter?

I like a lot of things about this vacuum--especially its pickup on hard surface floors, but all in all, I still like my 12 yr. old America with the throw away paper bags.

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The Dyson HEPA filter will not need to be cleaned regularly, but the premotor filter will. You did not mention what model you have, because the filters are located in different areas. The premotor filter is foam, whereas the HEPA is pleated. Some pre-motor filters are located above the dirtbin. The filter will have writing and/or image that says or means to "wash at 6 mos."

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