Spring Cleaning

gardenjunkie4lifeMarch 20, 2010

Where do you start and what all do you clean? Any special to you items that you use?

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I like to buy a bottle of spray cleaner Cinch,made by Spic and Span. It's a good all-purpose cleaner for tile, counters, formica, anything but rugs or wood. I sometimes find it on sale for $2.49 and stock up.

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I second the Cinch recommendation. It is not as easy to find as it was several years back, but I am seeing it again in more stores. It seems to clean quickly and with little effort.

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For me the big thing with spring cleaning is windows, inside and out, screens, exterior sills, etc. In an old 2 story colonial, it's a project, DH on a ladder doing the outsides, me washing screens then handing up to him. Then the insides............... but nothing is as nice as clean windows after a yukky winter!

Are you more interested in products used or what actually gets cleaned?

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I posted something about spring cleaning on the Kitchen Table forum last month and was suprised to hear no one but me seemed to do a spring cleaning. I do, and I enjoy it! I don't always do it in spring and sometimes it extends over months, but at least once a year I go through every inch of my house. My approach sounds a lot like yours addictedtoroses. I do one room at a time from start to finish, taking everything I can carry out, cleaning walls and ceilings (I don't wash walls unless they need it but dust them with a microfiber mop). In the bedrooms I flip the mattress, wash the pillows and mattress pad, etc. I wash windows and take the blinds down to clean them. I clean woodwork and use lemon oil on the good wood furniture. I clean rugs. I take everything off shelves or out of closets, clean, and reorganize. I always end up with a large pile of things to throw out or give away. I clean radiators with a long brush made for refrigerator coils. I fix things that are broken and touch up paint if needed. Yes, it is sometimes exhausting but it is actually fun, too. . .in a way! At least it feels GREAT to be done!

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When I was teaching, I would spend my entire summer "cleaning from top to bottom, inside and out". Always had my carpets cleaned professionally too.

Funny thing is now that I am retired and have more time to do it, I don't feel the need as much to get it done! We just did it last summer though as we painted all the rooms and had new tile and carpet installed.

This year, I will start after my part time job with the school ends ( I start in two weeks and will work through May with an assessment team). I have my weekly cleaning schedule I follow for the whole house but each week I do a little extra in one room, like straighten drawers or clean blinds.

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Thanks for the answers. I started today myself. Like you all I clean one room at a time and clean it thoroughly behind...under...everywhere. I often wonder if anyone actually notices when they come to visit. Then I decided as long as I know and I see the difference and how good I feel when it is all clean that is what matters. I don't use any special cleaners just what I have around the house. HAPPY SPRING CLEANING EVERYONE!!!!

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I went to a lecture given by aq Prpofessional Organizer who charges $100 an hour for her services. She gave one great Spring Cleaning Tip-start with a closet, remove everything, then return everything that belongs in the closet, re-home anything that belongs elsewhere, and donaye or throw out anything you can't find a home for or haven't worn or used in a year or two. You will then have freed up some space for the next area you do, perhaps another closet?

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