Electrolux Trim Kits

EH13March 22, 2012

I just had my new Electrolux all refrigerator/all freezer installed with the dual trim kit. I am very disappointed as the trim kit seems flimsy. Any one else have this problem. Is there anything I can do to make it seem more secure?

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When I was looking into the Icon french door fridge, I took a good look at the dual louvered trim kit to see what the "single" would look like. It looked solid to me.

Who installed the fridge+freezer and the trim kit? If it was professionally installed, #1 recommendation is to contact installer and complain that it seems loose, flimsy, jiggly, etc.

I've only seen the louvered (i.e. Grill vent) trim kit for above Icon series. Is yours Icon too? Never seen this in person for standard line Electrolux.

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"Interested in this thread as well. We just ordered the Icon Professional FD fridge w/trim kit, but will be installed in late April. Will comment when received.

Hope you can get the installer to rectify the trim kit installation for you!~

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I have the trim kit on my Elux Icon SxS. When installed it is not flimsy at all. I would guess that it is probably an install issue.

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