Carpet Rake for matted carpet?

michcnfldMarch 3, 2008

I am in need of a carpet rake. I have friese carpeting. It is about an inch long and and very very thick. I have a lot of matting in the high traffic areas and I think a carpet rake would help. I looked online though and the ones I found all seem to have tines that are very close together. I don't think it would get down far enough to pull anything up. Has anyone had much experience with these rakes or know another trick to get the carpet to lift. My carpet is only a year old and the high traffic areas look like my mother in laws 20 year old carpet. Please Help!!

It is good carpet and I use a Riccar vacuum cleaner on it. I also try to change directions when I vacuum.

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You said that you have a Riccar, but does it have a brushroll? An upright, or a canister with a brushroll, will help with lifting the nap. It is not a bad idea to vacuum at least once a week, if not more. If there is oily dirt, this will help to stick the carpet fibers together, which will then lay flat. Regularly deep clean your carpeting.

There are also naplifter machines that are like super-aggressive upright vacuum cleaners that you can rent. These will lift up any nap, plus remove more deeper down dirt that your regular vacuum did not pick up. I am thinking that it may be too aggressive for your type of carpeting.

Yes, a carpet rake would be helpful. You can use it on days that you are not vacuuming. I have one of the rakes with the small spaced tines. I use mine right after I deep clean my carpets, when the carpeting is still damp.

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My vacuum is an upright with a brushroll. I do vacuum more than once a week. I don't think it is a matter of oily dirt making the fibers stick together. The carpet is just so thick and long that it seems to almost get tangled in itself. The carpet has two different textures. all the smaller twisted pieces are the ones that have seemed to have been matted down and the thicker twisted pieces are still standing up.

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I would recommend either having it cleaned, renting a cleaner or buying a cleaner & doing it yourself. I just purchased a Hoover Steam Vac & (IMO) it makes carpets look new again. It does a really good job cleaning & raises the nap back up. If you were to purchase your own machine, you could only do the area that gets matted really bad... But, these are more expensive than a carpet rake. :)

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Thanks for the responses. I had looked at the perky groomer and I think the prongs look like they are to close together for my carpet. It's just too long and thick. About 6 months after installing the carpet I noticed this wear and I called Shaw the manufacturer to see why. They said It will come back up when I get it cleaned. I have tried to clean a small area myself with multiple passes but the water doesn't reach the tangled fibers. The top half of the fibers gets wet, but not the bottom tangled half.
I do have a strong vacuum. I had actually purchased this vavuum when I got the carpet to make sure it would do a good job on it. I paid around $800.00 or so for the vacuum. I also checked to make sure it was certified with the carpet and rug institue so it would not damage the carpet fibers. We also have a no shoe rule in my house.
It is time to get a professional in to clean it. I just need to get something to help keep the fibers upright in between cleanings. I just can't seem to find a rake with wide tines. I'm going to have to get creative and find something else. Maybe a leaf rake. We'll see?

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Looking to buy new carpet, probably Shaw. Just wondering what style, name carpet you are having these problems with. I think I'd like to steer clear of this particular carpet for fear of similar problems. Would be greatful for any advice from your experience. Thanking you in advance.

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Since i'm always having to rig one thing or another i was wondering, have you considered buying an inexpensive carpet rake and snipping say, every other tine with a wire snip? You said you couldn't find one with wide tines and i thought this might be an interim solution. Just a thought.

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If you have good carpet that is only a year old it shouldn't be that matted. Have you considered having it looked at under the warranty?

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My father has a carpet rake, I don't know which one it is though. He has had his carpet for about 5 years and it looks brand new. I don't know how often he rakes the carpet but he uses it every time he shampoos. I was recently over at his house looking at the rake and it is very hard to push through the carpet. I am going to get one very soon.

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Go to your local carpet cleaning supply store and pick one up for about $15.00. A great thing to have.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Carpet Cleaners

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