Best vacuum for oak floors

marypearlMarch 3, 2010

I'm hoping someone will read this and recommend the best vacuum for oak floors. I bought a Swiffer which is a cheap little vacuum and you attach a cloth across the bottom. It's really a pain to use so I'm looking to upgrade but there are too many choices and I don't want to buy anything that is going to scratch my lovely floor. My entire downstairs is kind of like one big room and so it's a lot of wood to clean. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I think you are asking about a mop, not a vacuum. Swiffer with the cloth covering is a mop. It seems to do a nice job, but if you are near the beach, for example, I don't think it would do a good job of getting the gritty sand picked up.

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sheilajoyce, Swiffer does make a mop/vac. It's similar to the swiffier dry mop, but it also is a vacuum. It works on a rechargeable battery. I had one for a year, but the battery just died. I liked it a lot because the swiffer cloth shined up the floor and the vacuum picked up dirt.

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There isn't much required to vacuum floors. The better vacuum would be a canister or a stick vac. I am not talking about those small stick vacs like the Swiffer you are using now.

If you are only going to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum floors, a suction-only stick vac will work. Emer has a few stick vacs that will work. Sometimes, they can be found inexpensive, but their bags can be expensive.

Miele also has a few model Universal upright stick vacs that will work. Their bags will also be expensive. If you want to also vacuum carpeting, one of the Miele Universal uprights can also be fitted with a power nozzle. Emer has a few models that come with a power nozzle.

A compact canister would also work. Attachment use is also easy, if you want to vacuum furniture, blinds or vacuum in the corner. If you are going to use the vacuum for vacuuming carpeting, you would want to purchase a larger vacuum, with a larger dirt capacity. Plus, add a power nozzle.

What type of vacuum cleaner are you interested in and what would it be used for, if anything more than your oak floors?

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Rather than some ridiculously expensive imported vacuum or a cheap, useless stick vacuum how about a small Shop Vac like their "All Around" model. $50 or less. It will clean your floors just fine including any spills involving liquids (how many other vacuums can do that?). Then you can use it to vac the garage or car.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shop Vac

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I've lived with all hardwood floors for many years, and have always used an inexpensive canister, a Eureka Mighty Mite. It's soft brush works great and never scratches, and it also works well on rugs/pet hair.

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