What to use for quick clean-ups on wood flooring?

oakleyokMarch 12, 2009

Today was a good day to see how the pets would track in wet paw marks from the snow for when we get our new wood (engineered) flooring installed. Right now we have nothing but concrete. Before, we had a deep red carpet which hid paw marks.

I have my wood floor cleaner picked out... Bona, but what can I use for a quick touch up when I have a track of paw marks?

Can wet Swiffer's be used? I don't want to drag a big mop out..maybe a tiny mop with warm water?

Any suggestions welcome!

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Yes, any kind of mop will work.

Or, Get something like a Sh-Mop with a microfiber bonnet. Wet the bonnet with water, wring out, place it on the mop and wipe the floor. Or a moistened regular size microfiber cloth on the end of a (dry) Swiffer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sh-mop

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Bona is great, and Swiffer makes a wood floor cleaner (but it's expensive). Suggest you sweep daily and mop as needed, maybe once or twice a wqeek. Good luck.

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If I have wet paw tracks, I don't use water or a wet swiffer on my nice wood floors. I put a little Bona or even those pop up furniture wipes to clean up the doggie foot prints.
Linda C

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