Lindhaus Valzer or Sebo Felix

dlspellmanMarch 5, 2008

My ongoing search for the perfect non-canister vacuum continues....

After spending multiple hours in multiple vacuum stores...looking high and low at backpack vacuums, hip packs and uprights for the perfect vacuum that will perform well for a 4,000 sq. ft. home with primarily wood and tile floors, except for two sets of carpeted stairs and area rugs, I think I am honing in on some options - not perfect, but better than the old ball and chain canister. (I hate, make that, ABSOLUTELY hate dragging a canister around, so I have been looking for the best alternative after canisters.)

Three options are at the top of my radar, and I'd love to hear opinions on any or all.

Lindhaus Valzer - two motor concept which switches off the roller brush for hardwood floors, light weight, lays flat, actual head can change from a power type nozzle to to hardwood floor brush pretty simply if you prefer that head. Although the power head was quite impressive on hardwood floors, too. It also has the ability to attach hose and attachments. Reminds me alot of my old Oreck, but I think much more powerful (true?) and definitely more versatile. Around $629.

Sebo - Alot of the same features of the Lindhaus, but it is much more tippy. Seems as though you might find it tipping over while using the attachments to say vacuum sofa cushions. It's also quite handle heavy, but I do like the swivel head action compared to the Linhaus.Around $599.

Euroclean / Nilfisk Hip pack -

Comes with power nozzle for carpet and all other 1 1/4" common hose/attachments. Actually pretty comfortable, which surprised me! $200 for a used unit with a power nozzle head and multiple attachments and bags. I have this one at home to see if I end up banging into furniture now instead of woodwork!

What to do????? Would appreciate everyone's input.

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Sebo Felix is the best vacume I have ever had and would not swap it for anything else.

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I also have a Sebo. I'm very happy with it. I always lay it down when vacuuming cushions. I love the long (extra) hose attachment. It is so much easier to use than my old canister. I brought home a Miele to try out, but I did not like it. Give me the upright!

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I have the Lindhaus, and while it does a great job, there are some things I absolutely hate about it. 1) It tips over all the time. This would not be a terrible problem, except for the other issues. 2) The plastic it's made of is brittle. It tips over and the body cracks, or the clip that holds those hose up breaks off - it's now attached with a velcro strip. 3) Where the hose attaches to the bottom of the vacuum, there is a plastic piece that makes the connection. That plastic piece is held in with the flimsiest little plastic clips I've ever seen. They bend under normal use and then won't hold the hose in place. This sometimes results in the hose being blow off during normal use. 4) The attachment holders are not really fitted to the attachments. 5) The light that is supposed to tell you when the bag is full is useless. 6) The handle is uncomfortable. 7) It's heavy. 8) The method for removing the cord by sliding the handle down is beyond useless and results in pinched fingers every single time. Easier to just unwind the cord.

Bottom line - although it is still cleaning like a champ after 7 years, I wouldn't buy it again. Unfortunately the vacuum was not designed for use by humans. It's been held together with duct tape and velcro for most of its useful life and I have finally had it. It is destined to go away as soon as a find a lightweight replacement that will meet my needs.

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Is your Lindhaus the Valzer?

I am so bummed to hear your feedback, as that was the vacuum I was leaning towards for a couple of reasons.

A.) It didn't seem as tippy as the Sebo Felix
b.) It's lighter than the Felix
c.) It has the two motor function.

I'm going to make sure I demo both units for a LONG weekend, and thanks to your comments, I'll be checking those specific items out! Thanks so much for the great feedback!

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Mine is the Healthcare Pro Hepa, which I guess is the next step up from the Valzer. It weighs 16 lb. The Valzer is listed as 14 kg, but that can't be right, can it? It must be 14 lb. The Sebo is listed as 9.9 - 15.4, depending upon attachment. Best of luck in making your decision!

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I sell both vacuums and have used both vacuums in my home extensively. Both are great vacuums for your situation and are incredible quality. I would recommend getting whatever one you like better because it's about suiting your needs. Personally I lean towards the Lindhaus Valzer because of what you said and because the powerhead works better on carpets and barefloors. The one thing I would caution about the Felix is the swivel head. At first I thought it to be an advantage too, but found that I would tend to vacuum sideways because of it which I did not like. But again thats personal preference.

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I am surprised that a shop lets you demo a vacuum at home.
The shops I have gone to are not too happy about even turning on most of their vacuums. I would love to "try one out" in my home, even for a couple of hours. With the prices of the Miele & Sebos a shop would understand since there is a no store credit...a couple of seconds of listening or even watching makes decisions very difficult.

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