What's good for countertop in bathroom?

mboston_gwMarch 27, 2014

We need to replace the laminate countertop in our master bath. it is a 60" countertop with double sinks. What type of surface would be best? I love my granite in my kitchen and have no issues keeping it clean but I am worried about the overspray from the harispray we use. No way my husband is going to switch to a non aerosol ,so the countertop will have to be able to be cleaned with something that will remove the overspray.

Any suggestions?

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Babka NorCal 9b

I am very pleased with quartz. Mfgr's are Caesarstone, Silestone, Zodiac, etc.
Some of the natural stones can etch and stain more easily.


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I can't tell much difference between any of them. I get the one that looks the best and ignore what it's made from. I like having an integrated backsplash even though those are only available with manufactured materials. It looks better and is easier to keep clean.

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You can scrub granite with steel wool and scrape stuff off of it with a razor blade.

In our smaller bathroom if DD or I use hair spray in there the overspray lands on the wall behind the sink not on the counter top.

I rarely use hairspray in our master bath but I suspect any over spray is landing on the tile floor. I back up before I spray and spray very lightly.

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Another vote for quartz here. When we were remodeling our kitchen, I stopped by many showrooms and tried to scratch samples with my keys. This test showed that the hardest material is granite, quartz much more soft. That is why we went with the granite for the kitchen counter - heavy pots and other metal stuff make scratch resistance very important for the kitchen. We also bought a granite counter for our bath at that time.

It turned out that granite absorbs water a lot though. Quartz is much less porous. In the bath, there are not so many pieces that can scratch the counter, so I am going with quartz for our current reno. Also, the uniform coloring goes well with our contemporary design. Will stick with granite for the future kitchen remodeling.

Currently, we have Corian by DuPont. Hate it. It is easy to clean, but it looks so plastic to me. And white integrated sinks are constantly stained.

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Just get the granite.....

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It depends on how you live. Solid surface is much more bullet proof than any stone or estone, but not so much bling.

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Previous house had granite in master bath and no problem with hairspray. The hairspray does get on things but comes off with water better than any cleaners. Lots of water and scrubbing.

Current house has tile counters in bathrooms ... why do people do this? Hate it and will start with master bath remodel this summer.

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we currently have polished granite in our master bath and i have had no problems cleaning it!! ours does not seem to absorb water and other granites that i have/ had did not seem to either, tho i did have oil leave a stain on a kitchen granite once that i needed to remove-- once resealed it was fine...

in the house we are moving to i am having cambria quartz installed in the master bath. i have never had quartz before but have read/been told that it is quite bulletproof and none of them need to be sealed. ( tho our current kitchen and bath granites don't need to be sealed either!)

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