Sweeping broom for hardwood floor?

pharma_galMarch 13, 2013

I'm looking for a sweeping broom for hardwood floor. Don't like swiffer. Any other recommendations that won't scratch the floor and help sweep the dirt. I will follow it up by mopping with the bona cleaner. Thanks so much!

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I don't believe sweeping a hardwood would scratch it. I used a dust mop or any old broom on mine and my tile floors years ago. I only have the bathrooms, entry and laundry floors that are hard and I use a plastic broom or whatever it is made of.

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I vacuum first with the vacuum floor brush, than bono. Brooms just push the dirt and dust around

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I bought a Shaker broom with woven top from this man. It is the best broom I have ever owned. I plan on buying more from him. Plus it will look really nice hanging up on the wall whenever I get the shaker pegs up...
I use it on wood and porcelain tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: thebroomman

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3M Scotchbrite microfiber hardwood floor mop.

I just moved into a house with hardwood floors, and I ordered the Scotchbrite floormop from Amazon along with a pack of 6 extra pads. I think it works much better than a broom (well, except for the corners..a broom works better for those). It doesn't blow the dirt around. Plus, I just put a new one on after "sweeping" and then use it to Bona the floor.

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