crumbs inside/out of my glasses after dishwasher is done

sweeterthanhoneyMarch 4, 2007

I have a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher that is 4 1/2 yrs old. The interior is stainless steel. For the last yr or so it has NOT been cleaning well! The dishes don't come out as clean as they should, and the cups/glasses always seem to have crumbs inside the cups and sticking to the outside.

I have hard water, and just did the vinegar and bakingsoda thru the dishwasher a couple of times. I've added vinegar into my rinseaid dispenser.

I can't see anything that needs to be cleaned out. It is supposed to have a built in garberator. Something isn't working right and I am tired of it! I can't afford a service call and if possible would like to fix it myself

Any ideas?

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Here's a list of things that may/could have made things worse:
Have you switched detergents? Use only good quality dw detergent with enzymes such as Electrasol tabs, Cascade gel packs.

Is the water going into your dishwasher hot enough? Have you turned down your water heater? If you have a cake thermometer I would check how hot the water is coming out of the kitchen faucet. However many dishwashers have a water heating element so it's possible that the heating element in the dishwasher isn't working and the intial hot water going into the machine is cooling off, especially after the first rinse cycle, the second flow of water into the machine may not be hot enough.. Check the temperature of the water inside the dishwasher with the cake thermometer midway thru the wash cycle.

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I've used a website called Repair Clinic a couple times to help me diagnose problems with appliances. You can even email them if you don't think you've found the problem listed on their site. Of course, they sell the parts to fix it, which is why they do this, but they are very helpful.

I was able to fix my oven after they gave me detailed instructions (I did buy a heating element from them - for less than the price of a service call from a repairman)

Here is a link that might be useful: repair clinic

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Do you have a little cylinder on the sink through which the dishwasher flushes waste water into the garbage disposal? I've had two with this stainless steel cylinder, one without - anyhow, if you have this cylinder remove it an look for a bit of debris. A scrap of clear plastic wrap or a bit of a pull tie can get hung inside this cylinder and cause the whole apparatus to work poorly while still working.

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I an willing to bet there is some sort of filter or "garberator" that is clogged. My ancient Maytag does that....and when it gets cleaned, it's fine!
Linda C

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no,I don't have a little cylinder on the sink through which the dishwasher flushes waste water into the garbage disposal. I don't have a separate garbage disposal. The dishwasher has a built in one.

I can't find anything to clean out, no filter etc. My old dishwasher I had in our old house I could take it apart and clean it. But not this one. None of the holes on the spraying arms etc are clogged, I've checked that all out. It is getting very embarassing when I take dishes out the uthe cubboard[kids put the dishes away] and I find out they are dirty!

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Have you checked the temperature of the water yet? It should be at least 120 degs coming out of the faucet and during the wash cycle.

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You probably know all about this, but I found over the years that if one of our kids loads the dishwasher, they don't realize that if you block the water from the top, like by putting bowls or tall glasses on the bottom rack, or pans face down, not on their sides,etc., then the dishes will come out dirty like you describe. Just a thought.

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