Can you wax formica? Or make it look nicer?

fiddledddMarch 12, 2013

We're getting ready to sell our house, and we want everything in tip-top shape. Our Formica countertop has a few surface scratches that you only see in a certain light, and I was wondering if there is a product I could use to minimize their appearance. Wax? A special formula for Formica?

I'd appreciate any help folks. Thank you!

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You can use Gel Gloss on laminate, which is what your Formica is. Personally, I would grab a can of car wax and rub that on the counter and see if it hides the scratches.

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We had real formica in our house when we bought it in 1981, apparently original from the 1950's. In kitchen and bath. After cleaning with bleach, I rubbed car wax with "carnuba" on it. It made it shiny temporarily but had to be re-applied pretty often. Apparently not waterproof. Good luck.

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I've used a supermarket product called Countertop Magic. It's one of a line of "Magic" products in the cleaning aisle. It comes in an aerosol can.

I found it makes the formica look shiny and generally refreshed. This was on thirty year old, butcher block type laminate, which really didn't show scratches much anyway.

It's very temporary, and is easily washed away, so needs to be repeated often to maintain the shiny,new look.

My counter is gone now and I'm waiting for my new counter in my new kitchen.

I actually think something like Pledge might achieve the same nice, but temporary result.

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yes and you can use car wax on your appliances & tub.

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