How do I tile a cabinet's side for wall mounted tub filler?

enduringMarch 27, 2012

In my remodel, I am planning to put in a 5' alcove tub

along a 6.5' wall. I am going to put an 18" cabinet to

finish off the length of the wall. I will orient the new

tub and plumbing 180 degrees from its current location.

The cabinet will hold the plumbing and a shelf for

storage. There will be a cabinet door to access this area.

It will be painted to match the other new cabinetry in

the room. I have already purchased the new wall

mounted faucet with hand sprayer.

I currently have this cabinet setup and really like it, so

I am going to repeat it in the remodel. The current

cabinet is painted wood and has the wall mounted faucet

coming out of the wood side of the cabinet. It has faired well

over these 50 or so years since it was built.

Current old tub setup:

Now I want to replicate the same setup but I don't want

the wood facing the tub, instead I would like to tile

this side of the new construction wood cabinet.

How is this done? Does the cabinet get built, but leaving the

side that will hold the wall mounted fixture open? Could this

side instead get faced with cement board? Then apply

something like kerdie or hydroban before tiling? The cabinet

will be painted.

I am concerned that if I use plywood and kerdie or hydroban

that the natural tendency of the wood to shrink/swell will

crack up the thin-set, making an unstable installation.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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No one is responding to this post, is that because there is no solution?
Or is my BR picture too ugly:)

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I would treat it as if it were a wide pony wall and frame it in lumber. It would get tiled like any other wall. Then trim it out nicely and put a door on. It will function and look just like a cabinet, but won't be constructed as a separate piece that gets installed, but rather be a site-built cabinet.

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You can put 1/4" cement board over it and tile away.

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Thanks Catbuilder & Billl! I didn't think it could be too hard. Now I think I can start making tile designs for the spot. My carpenter that I have a bid from said he would build it in place. But I haven't talked to him about my wish to put tile on the surface of one side. I like the idea of facing it with cement board.

1. I want this area to shed water so which would be best for a DYI, hydroban or kerdie? I will be either using hydroban or kerdie on the tile surround on my alcove so would like to use the same on this cabinet.

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hydroban is basically idiot-proof. Paint on. Let dry. Repeat.

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Oh Billl, I think you've spotted and idiot :) I like it!

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