Wall Mounted Mini Vacs

christophersprksMarch 14, 2010

I looking for opinions on your best Wall Mounted Mini Vacs like Dustbuster or Dirtdevil or any other suggestion you might have...which one should I buy?

Supply a hyper-link if you can.... thanks

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By far, hands down the best wall mounted I've ever owned. My sister-in-law bought 3 after using mine!! I'm always amazed what's in the filter when I clean it out.


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Sorry, I linked it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: You'll love it!!!

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DirtTamer Ultima
The worldÂs most powerful and superior cordless hand vacuum! With 14.4 volts of power and up to 400% more suction than traditional cordless hand vacuums, this vacuum picks up the toughest wet or dry spills fast! As Popular Science ... sucks up spills with surprising speed.
With our revolutionary, patented 3-stage HEPA filtration system (one HEPA filter included), this vacuum captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria and other allergens down to 0.3 microns in size.

The V2510 also includes such handy features as a dirt finding headlight, charge & low battery indicators, a wall mountable charging base & 3 cleaning tools (patented extendable cleaning wand/crevice tool, squeegee & upholstery brush). The V2510 includes one HEPA filter and one washable/reusable foam filter.

These are the best we have found.

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Here is the same comment I posted in another thread on Handvacs.

I do not care for these so called "dustbuster" rechargeable handvacs, because of their limited capabilities. They are ok if you just have a little dirt and crushed chips. If you want to do a better job of picking up hair and dirt, you might want to look at a "dustbuster" vacuum that uses a motorized brushroll.
Also look at handvacs that have at least 14volts of battery power.

B&D does make some powerful rechargeable handvacs like the one in a link above. They also make a model that has a motorized brush. They introduced a mini rechargeable canister vac, which would work better for those who have to get in tight spaces. It is called the B&D Flex FHV1200.

Dyson makes the DC16 that has enough power, but the one problem is it will only last a few minutes before it quits and needs to be recharged. I would never suggest that you purchase it at the "new" price, but a factory refurb for under $80 could work for those with money to burn.

Hoover has come out with a powerful rechargeable handvac that works well, but it has a high price tag like the above Dyson.

Euro Pro markets some handvacs that have alot of power like the Shark Pet Perfect Cyclonic hand vacuum. It uses a motorized brush, which can be removed if you need to suck up larger stuff like cheerios. The large drawback to Euro Pro has been their customer service. If your vac breaks down, you might have problems getting it repairs.

Do not expect these vacs to last a lifetime. Most people toss the vac when the battery no longer charges like it should. You can replace the batteries, but some can be very expensive. Dyson is one that comes to mind, at $75. The Hoover Platinum Linx hand vac battery pack is around $55. At least, the Hoover's battery slides right in without any tools.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black and Decker

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Thanks folks...I appreciate your opinions

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I can personally recommend any Black and Decker product. B & D is a subsidiary of General electric, and they consider it their quality brand. My SIL has worked for GE for many years and she has always told ne to buy Black and Decker small appliances.

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Really? I avoid B&D like the plague. OLD B&D tools are great, but the new stuff? No way.

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Graywings - can you elaborate a little more? What experiences have you had and with what?

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I would not buy a Shark rechargeable... I have one that the battery died. I did find one website (not Share/Europro) that sold a replacement battery but I can't even get the old one out so it's apparently toast.

We've had a Scorpion (Dirt Devil I think makes it) Dustbuster-type vac for probably 5 years now and it's still working. I really only use it to suck the tracked cat litter off the bathroom floor, but at least the battery still works.

I need to find a handheld vac one of these days to replace the semi-functional one I use on the stairs. I have a hard time coughing up the $$ they want when it seems they don't usually last long.

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