Best spot for sun tunnel - urgent

ontariomomMarch 31, 2013

Hi all,

I need to decide ASAP, hopefully by Monday, where to place a sun tunnel in our ensuite bathroom. There is a window in the water closet, so it will go near the vanity/shower area. Would it be best to centre it in the room in front of the vanity, or centre it directly over the vanity? I don't want shadows to create unflattering views in the mirror (looking in the mirror is frightening enough LOL). Thanks!


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I'd definitely center it in the room. It will give diffuse brightness throughout the room (which looks huge and amazing, btw!) Your decision on the exact location should also take into consideration placement of ceiling lighting since you'll need that too. Sconces or pendants, possibly with a recessed can or two above, will give you the most flattering and adjustable light at your vanity.

We put a solatube in our water closet because it doesn't have a window... one of our best decisions.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply, Treasuretheday. I think you are right, centered in the room it shall be. They may come tomorrow afternoon to install the sun tunnel in the roof -- can't wait.


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We put two of these in our dining room - the only room in the house without a window. They have made a huge difference! I love seeing moonlight come through them at night.


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Can't wait to see the moonlight too. Thanks for your reply annkh.


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