Reliability of Jenn-air appliances or what brand should I get

rosetroiMarch 5, 2008

Our builder usually puts in Jenn-air appliances (Double Ovens, gas cooktop, microwave, dishwasher)in the homes he builds. Consumer Reports reports Jenn-air appliances as pretty good but I've read people's reviews on them and they haven't been so great. If you have Jenn-air appliances can you please let me know what kind of luck you have had with them or what brand have you been very satisfied with.


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We've had JennAir appliances in past homes & they have not stood the test of time.

Many here choose by appliance rather than the manufacturer. Our new home has Miele, SubZero, Gaggenau, DCS, & GE Monogram appliances.

If I had to pick just one line or maker of appliances, I'd go with GE Monogram for value, features, reliability, design, and service.

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We have a JennAir fridge, cooktop and HAD a jennAir DW. The DW didn't even last 3 years. The fridge temp controls are awful. The freezer will alternately defrost by itself and then re-freeze in day's time so each day we get home we're not sure what we're going to find. The downdraft cooktop burners just take forever to heat up and then just as soon as you get something boiling and you want to simmer, you have to turn it off. Simmer is not gonna happen. We will NOT be getting anything else related to JennAir. My friend has the JennAir oven and hates it. Sorry I can't say a kind word on these appliances.

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My JennAir FD fridge is 4 months old and I have no complaints. Much better then my maytag I had in my other house.

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Any other folks have experience w/ Jenn Air? My builder has a 36" Gas Cooktop that he'll sell me for $1550 (W/ backsplash). Price is good, but not sure bang for the buck is there given folks experiences w/ JA.

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We had a downdraft cooktop (glass top electric) in a past house and had multiple problems with it in the first year of it's life. I'll never buy another jenn air appliance.

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I have a jenn air gas downdraft and absolutely dislike it. The glass top cracked (exploded is more like it) in the first 2 weeks and every burner is a hassle (auto ignite does not work, simmer is a non-option, etc). I will never buy a Jenn Air again. Served only one good purpose - hastened my kitchen remodel.

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We had a JennAir slide-in range/cooktop with downdraft. Never again.

We also had a JennAir counter-depth refrigerator, which I sold after 6 months. Anything on the top shelf would freeze solid. Freezer did not freeze solid.

The repairman sent out to do the warranty work wagged his finger at me and said, "Mrs. Pie, what did I TELL you after that range of yours? Why'd you go and do it?"

Please, rosetroi, don't do it! Friends don't let friends buy JennAir.

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What about a Jenn Air beverage cooler? We were going to go with the 3 zone KA (due to recs on GW) but the handles didn't go with our other appliances and the salesperson told us the JennAir which had handles similiar to our GE was made by KA.

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I can't speak for the other appliances but we LOVE our Jenn-air fridge. yes, it is the same as the KA - all made by Whirlpool. This refrigerator keeps a steady 37 degrees and the freezer is always at ZERO. Nothing spoils, there is plenty of room in this 36" FD/CD. I can't say anything negative about it.

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Anyone else have a newer Jenn Air Counter Depth FD refrig?

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Friends don't let friends buy Jenn-Air,( I'll always remember that pecanpie)
but I love the look of the black glass and stainless handles on all their black I think I'm going to do it anyway...and that's 4 or 5 appliances, will I really be that dissatisfied, maybe I should be buying the 5 year extended warranty for $349, on all 5 appliances, if they really are JUNK???? I have to decide soon, granite will be here in a couple weeks!!! Plus Jenn-Air will has a $750 rebate for the 5 appliances, not bad.

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First of all, it's so funny how rabid the American, Wolf, Viking, Bluestar, etc. folks here are, despite the fact that every other post on this board is; 'my brand new (insert name from above) just broke, what should I do...?' That being said, I don't understand why everyone hates Jenn-Air so much....I LOVE them, and so does everyone who comes to my house. I've got a pro-style d/w, rangetop, vent hood, and FD fridge, and every one of them is great. The d/w is quiet, efficient, functional and beautiful. The rangetop is super hot, easily regulated, even, and easy to clean. The vent hood is quiet, powerful, and very functional, and the fridge has been perfect; spacious, bright, nice quality, and the look is beefy, yet refined...I'm sold on Jenn-Air!!!

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Had a Jenn Air electric wall oven. The circuit board fried twice. Second time around, Jenn Air wouldn't replace it even though it was a known design flaw. Still have a 19 yr old JA gas cooktop. The controls adjust the flame nicely, but I'd never get another downdraft that sucks the exhaust through the center. It pulls the flame, cools the pan, and food cooks slowly and unevenly. Put in a simple Zephyr Hurricane hood and it changed my cooking life!

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Have a 48 inch builtin Jenn-air Fridge for 3 years now.Works great and makes a Sub-zero look like a Model T Ford inside, and at least when I bought the Fridge, (3 years) Sub Zero was having Reliability problems. Jenn-air was bought by Maytag, which was bought by Whirlpool, so I hope that has not affected their quality. I tend to agree with the poster that this SubZero-Wolf thing is being overdone.There are other good brands. I Hope the folks noticed that the one of the Big names in Induction is Electrolux (as Quoted by the Professional Chef of 17 years)

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Do Friends let Friends buy these?
Interestingly enough, the most expensive, sophisticated appliances are often the least reliable. According to Consumer Reports, "Pro-style models [of ovens and range-tops] such as the Viking...were among the lowest scorers, despite their high-heat burners." One Viking stove selling for $4,000 was deemed to have a "smallish oven and [was] among the least effective at self-cleaning." As for reliability, Consumer Reports survey data "show that Viking and Thermador gas ranges...have been repair-prone," and that "more firepower doesnÂt necessarily mean better cooking." Same story for refrigerators: Consumer Reports gave the Sub-Zero 650/G model (which retails for around $6,000) a rating of "fair" for ease of use, noting that it "lacks some features youÂll find on lower-priced models." And like Viking, the brand has a poor record of reliability: "Sub-Zero has been the most repair-prone brand of top- and bottom-freezer refrigerators," and Sub-Zero companyÂs overall repair history is 28 percent, compared to 7 percent for refrigerators manufactured by Whirlpool, which sell for $800 to 1,000. The conclusion: "Price, styling, or the word Âprofessional are no guarantee of excellent performance or durability." The image of domestic perfection is sometimes far from the reality.

So Point is do your homework before buying, I did except for a Very Fancy, (Over the top designwise) cooktop, that has since been replaced by an Electrolux Induction which, like our other 3 Electrolux products, We Love


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Friends don't let friends buy Jenn-Air,( I'll always remember that pecanpie)
but I love the look of the black glass and stainless handles on all their black I think I'm going to do it anyway...and that's 4 or 5 appliances, will I really be that dissatisfied, maybe I should be buying the 5 year extended warranty for $349, on all 5 appliances, if they really are JUNK???? I have to decide soon, granite will be here in a couple weeks!!! Plus Jenn-Air will has a $750 rebate for the 5 appliances, not bad.

These are NOT Junk. found it funny that one user didn't like the controls on the Jenn-air Fridge---maybe not like mine, but I push up arrow for a warmer temp and down arrow for a lower temp for Fridge, and Freezer same type of control---Not "Rocket Science to this 67 year old. The other thing nice about the control is it's display. Until you push the aformentioned arrows the display shows what the actual temp is, inside the Fridge, and the display next to it shows the inside temp of the freezer. when you push say the down arrow and set it for 33 instead of 37, when you release it, you will see it go back to 37 until the actual temp in the fridge is 33 I like actually knowing the temp that's there instead of what I set if for.
The 3 compartment doors at the bottom can be set for different temps---I like to keep meat cooler than veggies.
One thing nice about the built in ones, is the works are above the Fridge, so if it ever does need repair (which it hasn't) you dont hafta risk sliding across an expensive kitchen floor to get at the back of it.
Please keep us posted on how ya make out.
I try to buy US whenever I can, but let's face it, The world does not live by Sub-zero and Wolf alone.

If you read the post I put up, Consumer Reports says you are 4 times more likely to need repairs on your Sub-Zero
(28% failure) than you are buying a Whirlpool appliance (7%) failure and yours is made by Whirlpool now.
Enjoy them and don't get Ulcers over it.(leave that to the rich folks with their Sub Zeros--they have Ulcer Insurance (LOL)


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I too am looking to purchase most of my kitchen appliances from Jenn-air (slide in euro-style range, convection microwave and dishwasher. I'm still doing my research but I do know that Whirlpool, their parent company, also makes Kitchenaid which makes the two comparable if that helps any. I'm looking for a great oven, but don't see the necessity in getting these very expensive appliances such as Wolf, Sub-Zero etc in my small NYC kitchen. Not to mention we've gutted and are redoing a 2 family home so there are many other ways for us to spend money besides on our appliances. If anyone has any experience with these model Jenn-air appliances, I'd love to hear your feedback. They are:
Convection Microwave: JMV9169BAP
Slide-In Range: JGS8850BDS
Dishwasher: JDB1095AWS

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Jenn-Air, like the rest of the manufactures have there good and bad. While Jenn-air Refrigerators are usally ranked #1 by Consumer Reports and they get "Excellent" ratings for reliability (On most of their Fridges), such is not the case with some of their other appliances.
Several things you can do, ask about them as you are here,
Google the name and model number and see what different web-sites have to say about it --one would be Epinions,
and if you, or any of your friends have Consumer Reports On-line, maybe the can check it out for you.

Good Luck


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I have had a Jenn-air cooktop for 1 1/2 years and love it. I have pushed way too many pots across it, and nary a scratch. I would say it's high quality ceramic. It heats fast, very fast. My only complaint is that it doesn't cool fast but I've gotten used to it - coming from gas for 20 years it was an adjustment. Mine is not a downdraft.

For the reno, I'm probably going to go with Jenn-air for both DW and range, same models as thereddogruby lists above. Not much out there on either one, I'd love some feedback too.

But, I'm learning to listen to the big numbers, as dodge1959 says. If you look at all the opinions on all major brands on the net, except for maybe Miele, you will find numerous complaints about them all. Here, Samsung fridges are hailed as wonderful, but I've been to many a forum where they are dogged, badly.

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I have the Jenn-air DW and so far so good. I've only had it running for a week. Dishes come out clean,and it's quiet even though the granite hasn't gone in yet so there is only a bit of plywood creating a counter top. It does seem to take a long time to run through the normal cycle, but then I've been without a dishwasher for 4 years and can't remember how long the old one took, so that might really not be an issue.

I have the JA Floating Black Glass FD CD refrigerator and love it. Hmmmm, I did notice yesterday that the yogurt on the top shelf froze, as did the lettuce in the crisper, but I've since bumped the temperature up to 37 so hopefully that will correct it. I do love the ease in keeping the front surface clean.

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I put in a Jenn-air combo wall oven & microwave & an electric glass cooktop when our home was built 14 years ago. The microwave went out in just a few months. Called Jenn-air & they sent repairman. It was a fuse. Simple fix & he was on his way. A few months later it's out again & the repairman is back, & you guessed it, it's the blown fuse again. At this time I remind him of the previous repair, & maybe something is causing the fuse to blow. He assured me that this was not the case. I contacted Jenn-air & argued this fact with them & that we had a lemon & they should replace it. No, they would not. It went out again, but just beyond my 1 year warranty & it was on me to pay for the repair. Of course it was the fuse again. I called Jenn-air about just replacing the microwave & how much it would cost, & they said that I would have to purchase the entire unit (oven & microwave). I then went to Costco & bought one (microwave)that only cost about $129 & fit the space. It worked for awhile & it went out too. I replaced it again & now it's out too. The stove is still going strong, & I cook a lot. Bottom line; I'll never buy another Jenn-air appliance. There customer support/warranty stinks. I've been investigating the IKEA appliances. They are made by whirlpool to IKEAs specifications. The good news, unlike every other major appliance manufacturer, they have a 5 year warranty. I've read some reviews of them, & they certainly get good reviews. My next oven & microwave will be from IKEA. They have all the features I want at half the cost. I'm also thinking of purchasing their induction cooktop. It compares very well to other stoves that cost 2 - 3 times as much. I'm buying IKEA.

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We have their gas cook top, dishwasher, and microwave-oven combination. The controls on the microwave-oven have been replaced twice and it is just about a year old. I'm hopeful that this last repair solves the issue but I think if I were to do it again I'd choose a different brand.

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We have a Jenn-Air dual fuel range (gas cooktop and electric double ovens) and a Whirlpool (Jenn-Air parent company) side-by-side refrig/freezer and dishwasher. I would never purchase another appliance from either company. We purchased all three in 2007. The dishwasher needed service first, within a year. Now it leaks periodically no matter how many times it is serviced. The refrigerator occasionally freezes all my vegetables even though the settings have remained the same since it's purchase. The refrigerator door sags slightly and doesn't close automatically like it used to. The oven is the most distressing. 2 years ago, the heating element in the bottom oven caught fire. My husband replaced it because the warranty had expired. Yesterday the heating element caught fire again while I was preheating the oven. My husband will replace it again. Obviously there is something wrong with the quality control of their parts. I should note, I keep the oven very clean because I bake a lot.

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If the original poster is still determined to buy JennAir, or still can't make up her/his mind, more reviews are not necessary (in my opinion). :)

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I would think that OP's house has been built by now and whatever appliances were chosen have been installed. It would be nice to have an update on which ones they got.

Would JennAir appliances purchased in 2007 have been built by Maytag? That would make a difference between those and the ones currently available.

The problem I had in making a decision was the fact that I wanted information from people who had owned an apoliance for a number of years and found them reliable. But if they had purchased them some years ago, then those same models were no longer available anyway.

I did end up buying JennAir appliances, for reasons given in earlier posts. I've been very happy with them so far---but I haven't had them for a whole year yet. So the jury is still out as far as their reliability over time.

I do agree with the comments that ALL appliances have bad reviews. For that reason, I anguished over the decision, but eventually DH and I decided to do the best job we could researching various options then just make a decision within our budget and go with it.

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For what it's worth, my Jenn-Air gas cooktop is now 13 years old and never had a problem.

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Whirlpool bought Maytag (including Jenn-Air and numerous other brands) in 2006. All but two of Maytags US manufacturing plants have been closed, both of which were originally owned by brands Maytag bought out along the way (Hardwick and Amana). Not the Jenn-Air plants.

Jenn-Air was originally independent too until it was bought by Maytag in the early 1980s. The "designer series" removable-cartridge cooktops are still based on the 'real' Jenn-Air design, and the flush-mounted "Expressions" series are from the Maytag era. Just about all other current Jenn-Air appliances are rebranded Whirlpools with fancier features, much like KitchenAid, with no resemblance to pre-Whirlpool designs.

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I am getting a 36 inch cook top and have to decide on a range top hood. I looked at the Jenn Air JXW9036 and I like the look etc and it seems to have great fans but it does have 2 warming lights. Now I will not have a warming shelf so I think I would never use them. Any suggestions for a hood that is powerful and easy to clean would be appreciated.

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wakefield52, just a thing to consider: I mounted a pair of fold down wire shelves under my VAH warming lights on top of Italian glass tile. My thinking at the time (as opposed to fixed shelves) was that I wanted a clear view of the glass tile and an unobstructed airflow from the BS range top to the hood.

We use the heat lamps and shelves constantly. Even in the summer when I might cook 95% of a multi-course meal on the grill - I'll drop a dish or two under the lamps to hold temp until the meal is ready. So again - just a thought, but if you do like that hood, then you might leverage the added benefit of the lamps.

I ordered the wire shelves, mounting hardware, and clips from Viking and it was a straight forward install..

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Does anyone know of the reliability of the jenn air appliances? I was told by a rep in Sears and another wholesaler that it is top of the line but don't see too many good reviews. I'm looking to purchase the double wall ovens, cooktop, fridge, hood, and dishwasher.

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Make sure you're reading reviews of the current Whirlpool Jenn-air stuff, not the Maytag crap from years ago. In my vacation rental property I have their built in fridge, gas pro style range, and dishwasher installed for 5 years. No problems at all and people who stayed have said good things about them.

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