Girl Power Whimsy table

christmascandyMarch 11, 2011

I found the square girl plates at the Humane Society TS for $5 for the set. When I saw them, I thought they were cute but what sold them was the bottom plate said Shoe Girl!LOL

Also, since Mar. 9 was Barbie Roberts birthday, I decided to create a Girl Power/Happy Birthday Barbie table.

The dolls were mine from childhood, and they were at my Mom's and my daughters played with them when they went to Grandma's house, but now that they are mothers, Mom cleaned out the basement and gave me "back" my dolls. LOL

I used a black tablecloth, placed 4 white napkins as placemats, then the black trays, green chargers that I bought at HL after Christmas for .38 ea, then the new girl plates. As each plate is a different color, I used a color coordinated napkin for each setting. The tablecloth and napkins are all TS. Then my TS candlabra and faux pearls I have had FOREVER. The little Barbie and Ken booklets were in the doll case so I threw them on for an added touch.

Since I am a brunette, my Mom bought the brunette Barbie instead of the one with the blond ponytail.

You Go Barbie Girl!! Lookin pretty good for being over 50!LOL



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I am almost speechless at this table, Candy! Its gorgeous, delightful, fun, and everything in-between!

Those Girl plates are the cutest thing. I've not seen
anything like them. I love everything about this table...
and that is saying a lot since I was NEVER a Barbie fan!!
LOL. (Tho I did see a bumper sticker a few years ago
that I wanted. "I want to be just like Barbie, the b----
has Everything!"

You outdid yourself on this table setting!
hugs, Karen

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How cute, yet elegant! Your color combination is great. Love the addition of pearls, cause everyone knows pearls are class! So fun to see what develops with just some whimsy plates and good ideas.Love it.


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Candy, This table is so clever, whimsical, pretty and delightful!!!
I just imagine your thoughts when you found these plates.
I,m going to have my girls look at your post.

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Darling. This table to put together so well. The plates were a great find and you brought out their uniqueness while maintaining a feeling or coordinated composition.

For going through two generations of doll-playing girls, those dolls look remarkably healthy.

I like your use of pearls. I have a ton of pearls that are meant to be used as garlands on a Christmas tree. Never occurred to me to use them in a tablescape. They're on the tablescape brain now!

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I just love it! And for what is worth, I had brunette Barbies too! I like photo with the top view best.

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There you go again, candy ...just havin' TOO MUCH FUN! LOL! This t'scape is so WHIMSICAL! it! Your plates set the whole tone to it! Great $$$

Love the black & the pearls ...& that bright green! And even the flatware you chose repeats the shape of your chargers & plates! Candlelight, Barbie & Ken, yup, you've created a t'scape for Barbie's Dream House! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Oh Candy!! I do heart Barbie! I love this table! One of your best . Those plates were the best find EVER! The napkins, the chargers and, be still my heart, KEN!! Lovelovelove everything about this table! Wild applause!!

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Such a cute idea! What a great find on the plates, and you sure pulled it all together well. I'd love to be able to do something like that for little DGD sometime. Your tablescape looks elegant enough for any big girl too. so fun and clever. Luvs

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cute! Very unusual dishes and you created such a great table setting with them! And I especially like the way you always take a picture from above your table....very nice!

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Love those plates! I never knew Barbie's last name! I am def not a shoe or spa girl, but shopping girl talks to me!
Cute idea!

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Karen, I didn't have horses, so I played with my Barbie a lot! I constantly designed and sewed different outfits for her. In fact, the dress she is wearing is the only actual Barbie dress that was in the doll case!

Pat, I was trying to decide on my next table and when I saw that Barbie's birthday was Mar. 9, and I had just found those plates, I decided to combine the two.

Nana, I saw the plates and only looked at the top 2, which were Cafe and Spa, neither one of which really apply to me, so I put them down and continued shopping. Then I thought "if one of the bottom ones says Shoe, then they were meant to be" and sure enough, the very bottom one was Shoe, and the other was Shopping both of which do apply to me so they came home with me.

OA, Ken is in very good shape, however, Barbie has a broken armpit, so her left arm is being held in place by a scotch tape armpit, LOL. Obviously, Barbie got played with more than Ken.

Elmaly, I like that view also, as it really shows the grid pattern that emerged with the napkins and square black trays. The black center square that was formed when I placed the 4 white napkins is almost the exact same size as the black trays, and it made for a cool looking overview.

Jeanne, I never had a Barbie Dream House, I think they came later, but my youngest daughter had one. I like to think I'm livin the dream now. I have been very blessed in many aspects of my life and I am very grateful for those blessings!

Kath, When Mom "returned" my dolls, I just put them in the basement. So when I was pondering the next table, and I googled March holidays, and saw Barbie's birthday and I had just found the plates, it was an AH HA moment.

Luvs, I am planning on hosting a real tea party for my DGD this summer sometime, so have started thinking about what I want to do for the party. Probably something along the lines of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! NOT!! LOL

Marlene, I like how the "candyshot" shows the layout of the table. Unfortunately, they don't work on my rectangular dining room table. : (

Kathleen, I think I learned her last name on Jeopardy or something like that. As I said, Cafe and Spa don't apply to me, BUT Shopping and Shoe...definitely!

Thanks, everybody.


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I adore everything on this table. Wow those chargers are perfect and such a deal. Using the plates with this Barbie theme was an inspiration, too cute. I can not even estimate the hours upon hours that I spent playing Barbies. I still have my blonde bubble hair-do Barbie and brown pony tail one, Ken was lost when my neices inherited them for a while.

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Candy. You were right those dishes were definitely meant to go home with you. With 4 girls there were plenty of dolls and outfits to mix and match. I didn't have the PATIENCE to sew those little dresses. I made lots of things for my DGDS American Girl dolls tho.
By the way, do you know Ken's last name?

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Frou, My DH said that because our anniversary is coming up, the dolls represent the both of us. LOL

Nana, I spent hours designing and sewing outfits for Barbie. Not so much for Ken! I even made her purses and hats. My DGD has an American Girl doll and I made them matching ourtfits last Easter.
Ken's last name is Carson.


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We've Come A Long Way Baby..but
I'll take Your 'Yesteryear Barbie' over 'New Barbie' any day!
Candy your table - is Whimsical & Elegant at the same time. Love the colors, the pearls and the different plates.
Especially love the charming couple.
You find the neatest things.

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Candy, these chargers are the prettiest ever and the plates are Wonderful. You can be the Shoe Girl and I'll be the Shopping Girl! I gave up on shoe collecting after having foot surgery a few years back. What a grand idea using the napkins that match the plates.

Your Barbie and Ken are perfect on this table. I've always loved your candleabra and one of these days I will break down and buy some of these. DGD has all of DD and my old Barbies. I hope she will treasure them.

If I'm ever lucky enough to find plates like these you know I will have to borrow them! I've never sewn any outfits but have bought her several fancy ones with shoes and purses to match at Christmas shows. Love the colors on this table!


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Jane, that is part of my addiction to TS shopping as I find such fun and delightful items and usually at very reasonable prices. Although sometimes I see items that are way overpriced and they want more for them at the TS than at the real store!! : = O
I just found 4 Johnson Bros. square pink Early American Salad plates for $2.49 ea and they want $23.99 per plate at Replace. Ltd!! Should I mention that they have acorns around the border???
I know that website is high, but it still feels like a steal!! WOooHOoo.

Punk, they also had turquoise chargers and at that price, I bought them too!!
Jay Leno last night said the average American woman owns 17 pairs of shoes. I looked at DH and said "Honey, I'm above average!" He replied "No, you're out of control!" LOL
I actually own more pairs of golf shoes than most people have shoes! LOL I have to look good and that means shoes to match the ourfits! : D


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Candy, I Love It! You are above Average in more ways than one. I want to see your new JB salad plates you found. They sound wonderful. You also have turquoise chargers! Makes me want to head to CO and shop.


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