Diverter for body spray + shower head + handheld shower wand?

GreenHighlighterMarch 25, 2013

Hi all,

I've been getting different answers from different plumbing shops, so I thought I'd try the experts here.

For our master bath, we would have 2 little body sprays, a rain shower head, and a handheld shower wand. We would like to be able to use the following combinations:
- all at once (or at least the body sprays and the rain shower head)
- just the rain shower head
- just the handheld shower head

Different plumbing shops have said we can only do one at a time or two at a time full blast or two at a time but only half pressure on each. Some say I need the volume control, others say I don't (I really only care to have off and full blast, so don't need volume control).

We'd like to use a less expensive Grohe or Hansgrohe line if possible, but am open to other lines if that's the only way to go.

Is there a diverter that will do what I'm looking for? If so, can you give me the info (brand, model number)?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!

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Hi GH, All of that water demand will, most likely require a 3/4" water line, instead of the standard 1/2" water line, be piped to the shower to deliver additional volume and pressure. Without that, you will not have good performance from using multiple sprays, regardless of the valve type or diverter option. And yes, the volume is cut in half with shared functions from a diverter, but depending on the shower heads, may still be adequate. It's a balancing act, and will depend on your water pressure from the street. For a standard 1/2" diverter, to just switch between functions, the Delta R11000 rough-in body is reasonable and good quality. Then you choose the type of trim option and a 6 function cartridge. Otherwise, if 3/4" water line is at the shower, separate volume controls will allow all the functions to flow at full blast.

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We have the Delta rough-in and 6 function cartridge which runs the rainshower head on a standard shower arm, the overhead rainshower head and a handheld. We can run 1 or 2 at a time in any combination. The pressure does go down some when we turn on the second head, but it's really not too noticeable. We have been happy with our Delta fixtures in all our baths. Our shower is the Lockwood line, the sinks and tub have the Addison line and the kids have the Dryden line.

When you say rainshower head, do you mean one overhead coming out of the ceiling or one on a standard shower arm coming out of the wall?

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Thanks, onlinehomehelp and mydreamhome. It's a new bathroom, so there isn't piping yet. I just asked my contractor and he said 3/4" pipes are no problem. I'll check out the Delta stuff. Thank you!!!

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I am doing your same setting. I bought the hansgrohe axor Montreux thermostatic valve 3/4" , a volume control and a quatro diveter. I can use each function separate or any 2 together . If you want to use the three together than you have to forget about the diverter and get 3 separate volume controls .

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We ended up just getting individual volume controls. The plumbing store folks said that I might have water pressure issues if I went another route, and the cost was pretty similar, I think (amazing how quickly I forget things!!).

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Are you installing an Instant-On Demand hot water heater? If you plan to use two or even three outlets at the same time, you can run out of hot water pretty fast! We have 3/4" pipes, and so the water pressure is fine with two outlets on at the same time, but I will run out of hot water. Just something to consider since you're doing a new build. (And your municipality may have some kind of energy rebate program for an on-demand heater...)

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