Need bag for Eureka vacuum

marlingardenerMarch 9, 2009

The zipper bag on my Eureka series 9800 blew a zipper. It no longer closes, which makes the interior bag bulge out like a balloon. Eureka no longer makes a replacement bag. Does anyone know where I can get a bag for Model #9834 type B Eureka?

Please help--the dust bunnies are taking over!

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Well, you are going to have to really do some looking. Visit the vacuum cleaner shops in your area. Sometimes these places may have one stuck away in their inventory.

In the meantime, you will need to "bandaid" the bag. If you continue to use the vacuum without securing the outer bag, the paper bag will eventually burst. The outer bag keeps the inner bag from expanding too much.

See if you can get some safety pins and pin the outer bag closed.

Also, if you cannot find a replacement bag, start planning and doing some research on a new vacuum cleaner. It will be coming about sooner or later.

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geguymw, good idea to check the local outlets for Eurekas. I hadn't thought of that. Right now I have the bag duct taped to avoid the explosion of the paper bag!
Hate to think of getting a new vacuum just because of a zipper. The thing works fine and I'm used to lugging it around, kind of my gym workout for the day.
If I don't have any luck with the bag, my next post will ask where I can get a lo-o-o-ng zipper!

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