Shark Steam Mop

carolyn_viMarch 16, 2008

I teach an elementary art class in the U.S.Virgin Islands. My students make alot of mess everyday and we constantly are sweeping and dusting. We get our floor mopped by cleaning staff only once per week which is hardly enough for my high traffic area. I have been contemplating a purchase of the Shark Steam Mop as advertised on TV. I have some questions for people or experts who have used this. Can I add a teaspoon or so of vinegar to the water reservoir before using? We have a population of stinging insects that sometime crawl thru our windows. I find that this is a natural way to repel them. Because students have scuff and crayon marks, dirty shoes, etc., will this be a good way to keep the floor clean more regularly? Also, we get our floor lightly waxed once per year at the beginning of school. Will this cause a problem using steam? I don't mind removing the wax with this method as long as the floor is clean enough for even the smallest youngsters to sit on from time to time!

Thanks for your suggestions. I am sure my student volunteers and myself will enjoy cleaning more with this tool.

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never add anything to the mop but water. You can put vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray the floor and then use the steam mop over it. I am not sure if it will remove the wax, never mopped over a waxed floor before..sorry I can't help out with that!
let us know if you get one and how it works..I was just in Linen & Things and they had them there. I do not know if you have the same stores there, but if you look around you may be able to find one locally so you don't have to order it on line..

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