HELP!! Shark Steam Mop problem

ebear1271March 10, 2009

Sorry for yet another post about steam mops but I'm really stumped. After reading some great reviews about the Shark steam mop I finally broke down and got one. I got it home and tried it right away and now I have to reclean my floors!! I tried it on laminate, bathroom tile, and ceramic tile in my foyer and all 3 surfaces now have a residue on them. After doing the bathroom floor I sprayed it with vinegar and water and wiped it with a white rag. Not only did the residue come off, but so did a good amount of dirt!

I know it's not the steam because I have a Shark canister steamer with a floor attachment that works just fine. I just thought that the mop would be more convenient to use on a daily basis. Am I doing something wrong? Are you supposed to wash the cloths before using them? I used distilled water like it recommended in the instruction book. I know it's not left over residue from previous cleaning because for the past couple of years I've been using vinegar and water on the floors.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm getting ready to take it back and that's a shame because it's so easy to use so I would probably clean my floors more often!

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Phobie Privett

I'm guessing that it's residue left over from other cleaners you used before. It may take 3 or 4 good cleanings with the steam mop to get it off. Don't give up just yet!

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Phobie Privett

Geez, I have a bad habit of not reading through the entire post before responding. I'm sorry, I see now that you'd already been using a steamer. It's entirely possible that it's the cloths. Perhaps you should try washing them before using them. I know that same thing has happened to me several times with my steamer and at the time I had never used any cleaner on my new tile. I try to wash the cloths by themselves, but there's been a few times other things have accidently been in the wash. I think it makes a difference with the way the microfiber absorbs.

I have also recently tried using vinegar/water to mop (I wasn't absolutely sure my canister steamer was cleaner like it should) and it left terrible streaks. I guess I was using too much vinegar? I went and got a Quikie mop (I thought it was a microfiber mop, but it had a cotton cover instead) and you wouldn't believe the dirt that came up! I am a little upset since I thought my steamer was doing such a good job! :(

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Thanks for the tips but I gave up and took it back. I tried washing the pads and it didn't help. Also, it seemed rather flimsy for the price. The handle reminded me of my Swiffer (sweeper, not mop). If you use the vinegar/water on the floor, it's supposed to be a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water. I think the problem with the steamers is that the pad gets so dirty so fast that you just end up redistributing the dirt! Ah well, back to the drawing board!

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If you're looking for a new steam mop, try the Steamboy. I got one a month ago after researching on gardenweb and elsewhere online. I was originally going to get the Shark because I had a Shark vaccuum a long time ago, but after reading of people's problems with it I chose the Steamboy instead.

I am extremely happy with it. It mops beautifully, doesn't leave too much moisture on the floor, and is super easy to use.

I did buy extra cloth pads (5 total) because I have lots of hardwood/tile in my house. I use one pad for the kitchen, one for the baths, and 3 for the hardwood everywhere else. They look like brand new after a trip through the wash.

Good luck!

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not enough steam is coming out

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lots of water coming out and no steam

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I just threw my second Shark Steamer away. I love it when it works but it seems they are made to last about a year.
Both times they just quit steaming. Will switch to another brand.

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I have found that some of the plastic melts inside and clog the small flex hose that funnels the steam to the mop head. I have had to remove and clean it many times now.

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Wow I am really dissappointed, have had to take two back because of broken have a third one same thing happens, plastic is not strong enough and pushing in front and back handle clip breaks....Have to use several micro fibre cloths to clean, one for every room sometimes two for bigger rooms...Was going to try the new multi level steam mop but think I should research for others....Sounds good but doesn't work so well...Those infomercials really sell you but the dissappointment every time is discouraging...Sorry Shark Guess I will have to try Bissel or one of the many others out there....

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