New DW detergent tarnishing silver?

chambleemamaMarch 30, 2011

Since we started using the new, phosphate-free DW detergent, I'm noticing that my silver flatware tarnishes about twice as fast as before. Has anyone else noticed this?

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I don't ever put my silver plated utensils in the dishwasher. I hand wash them and even hand dry. Keeps them clean and tarnish free. I have a set of stainless steel for every day use and they can go in the DW without any problems. Just my experience.

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In practice, I'm with jannie. In fact, phosphates are discouraged when cleaning silver or silver plate. This is a stumper b/c I'd deduce it wasn't the detergent at all but one of the myriad other reasons (touching stainless steel in the DW, water too hot, other detergent fillers/builders, etc.)

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Sigh. I know this goes against the grain: My Mama used nothing but her sterling flatware, three meals a day, and to my knowledge she ran it all through her dishwasher for 24 years, once she had a DW. It did not harm it--I have it now. Mama had a drawer lined with Pacific cloth, including a loose cover, where all the flatware was stored. I wonder if what I'm noticing is a result of the water-saver features of this DW. I may end up hand washing, but I'm not going down without a fight!
Thank you both for answering!

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