Looking for a vapor steam cleaner

maskarluMarch 19, 2009

Iam looking for a vapor steam cleaner the three that Iam interested in are the White Wing, the VC 3000 home use and the Lady bug 2200S. If anyone has bought the VC 3000 how is Just Renew Industrial for customer service or even the Allergy Buyers Club customer Service. This is my first vapor cleaner and Iam willing to spend a little on a model so that I wont have problems with down the road, And which one has drier vapor steam and is better at getting out stains from carpet and grout? Can you use on painted walls?

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Why would you want to use a steam cleaner on a painted wall? I guess it would depend on what the wall is made of and what type of paint. Flat latex paint on drywall - I would pass on the steamer and instead spot clean with a moist microfiber cloth.

Better at getting out stains from carpet and grout? Any of the good units will do fine - it is the technique of the operator that will make the difference.

It is difficult to compare the machines because the information depends on how the company chooses to present it. From what I read, are that you want a stainless steel boiler and a long enough cord for convenience. Then you want to compare temperatures in the boiler and at the tip. The warranty should tell you something about the machine as well.

I wish that Consumer Reports would test them.

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