Removing odors on furniture

gracie-2006March 1, 2006

Help! Any advice on how to get rid of body odor on cloth sofa and chair ? Caused by a couch potatoe!! My girl friend asked me for advice, I thought I could ask here for your great ideas!!!

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You could have it professionally cleaned but that might be a bit pricey.

Have you tried using Fabreze on it? I spray my furniture with it about 3 times a week and it really does help.


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Sue102, Yes my friend said she tried using Fabreze and it did not help. I wonder if she used it more often, as you mentioned, if that might help?

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Wipe it down with a Borax solution. Or if you have a realy good vacuum, pour it on dry, let it set for awhile and vacuum it off. Read the ideas on the box. There are some good ones on there. That's 20 Mule Team Borax. You can get it in just about any grocery or Walmart.

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