What do you use to clean your granite? What sealer?

stinky-gardenerMarch 31, 2011

This has probably been discussed around here before, but I missed the conversation!

Granite, (St. Cecilia light) was installed in my kitchen in December. Was told that it was sealed in the workshop, and will need to be sealed again every year, which they suggested I do myself.

For daily cleaning, I've been using "409 Natural Stone Cleaner," and it does look and feel clean and shiny for the most part. However, in certain light, I see what looks like, for lack of a better description, "watermarks" here and there. I can't clean these off. Was the granite not sealed well enough, or could I be doing/using something better/differently?

What do you granite owners use to clean with? At HD recently, I saw "Simple Green Stone Cleaner" and "SG Stone Polish." Anyone used either product? Wonder if the polish would be a good idea? Also, Hope's, the makers of my fav cleaning product, "Perfect Glass," also makes "Perfect Countertops," for cleaning stone. Of course, I wonder about that too!

I'm a little concerned about experimenting with products on the granite, so before I purchase, want to check out what people here are using!

As far as sealer goes, what do y'all use? Is it difficult to apply?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Oh, just saw that there is a thread going now..."Easier way to clean granite?" Sorry!!!

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