Get Well Wishes for Jane

phonegirlMarch 14, 2012

Wasn't sure if all of you remembered Jane was having a fusion today so thought I'd start a post for her.

Jane, thinking about you today and sending Get Well wishes your way. Hope your ankle fusion went well for you. This is hard to say Get Well Soon so you can have another surgery. Guess if that's what you need, it's ok to hope you have a great recovery.

We miss you and hope you will be back soon.

Love, Hugs and Prayers to you DF, Punk

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Hugs and prayers for a quick and good recovery. Janet

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Jane, I hope it all went well and that you're up and around and pain-free in no time!

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Jane, wishing you the best for a successful surgery and fast-as-possible recovery. Not to mention the less pain the better during all this!

hugs, Karen

PS, Punk thanks for starting this thread!

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Gosh Punk - always a sweetie...thank you for the 'shout out' and to all
my Holiday friends...thanks for all your caring concerns.

I left the house at 5 am to be ready for 6 am surgery...of course they didn't take me in until 7 so of course this added some 'high anxiety' . lol
Before being sedated, they gave me a block to numb my leg for 20 hrs from the knee down. My leg is literaly 'dead' and I have to be careful not to bang it or put it down.
Tomorow I can take pain meds.
The surgeon told DH that all went well, but there was extensive damage due to the arthritis. I'll get the full report next Wed. They will then remove the stitches and put a hard cast on from my knee down. This will be my
'Best Buddy' for about 4-6 weeks.
Sooo because I slept all day when I got home...and am not feeling 'Anything' in my leg as I speak...we'll see what tomorrow brings!! lol
Thanks again for asking and caring.

PM...I'm praying all goes well for you and that you're not experiencing any terrible pain.
Hopefully your new surgeon has the 'magic bullet' to provide the proper care you need.


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So glad the surgery is over and all "went well". Must be a really odd feeling having your leg numb, but so much better than if you felt pain. Praying that your ankle will feel lots better when all healed. Luvs

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Jane, I'm so glad your surgery is over and it went well.
I hope you don't experience too much pain.
Keep us informed, OK?

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Jane, Glad that your surgery is over and that everything went well. Praying for you to have an easy and speedy recovery.

Hugs and prayers being sent your way.


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So happy to hear the surgery went well! Speedy recovery wishes being sent your way!

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Oh jane...that sounds like the pits! 4-6 wks! Ugh! Your 'best buddy' will certainly be a tiresome 'best buddy' in a few wks, I bet! I am happy you were able to find out that it all went well ...not alot of fun, I am sure!

Take those meds whenever you can ... knowing you've got a long road ahead hopefully the meds can keep pain under control. Hugs to you, Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Glad that your surgery is over and now you are on the road to recovery. I know how your leg feels...have had my arm like that twice. A really strange feeling. Take your meds and rest a lot and I hope that the final results aren't as bad as you fear.

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Thank you...
Luvs...nana..Kathe...Jeanne & Marlene...
It was nice reading all your replies.
I started my pain meds at 5 AM this morning. Seems
my leg let me know that it 'woke up' ! lol So far the pain has been under control, but this temporary cast is so akward and heavy that I'm starting to feel pain in other parts of my body from dragging myself with a walker and trying to keep my leg up off the ground! I'm not looking forward to doing this for several weeks with a permanent cast.
Anyway, thank Goodness for DH - so far he's been very helpful -running and fetching... but I hope I don't wear HIM down! lol
Men don't seem to be able to cope too well around the house 'finding things' !! I guess it could be worse...I'll let you know as time goes by...

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Jane, I am also wishing you a speedy recovery. Hauling around a heavy cast is no fun, but you should have it off before the weather starts getting too hot, I hope!

Amazing how little help husbands are capable of giving, but they sure expect it when they need it. I hope yours takes good care of you.
Fortunately, sitting at a computer shouldn't put too much strain on your leg!!LOL

Take care, rest, and recover so you can be back as quickly as possible.


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