Thin MOP tiles...anyone have install advice?

williamsemMarch 3, 2013

I'm really looking at a diamond shape MOP tile for a backsplash, but the tiles are very thin. I've read to use unsanded grout to avoid scratching/dulling. How are the thin tiles stuck up on the wall and still have room for grout?

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you could probably use that new double sided adhesive strip to secure the tiles to the wall.

Here is a link to the Susan Jablon insructions for installing mosaic tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: susan jablon

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I'm using a round MOP in my shower. My tile guy is going to build it out with another layer of thin backer board so it matches the porcelain elsewhere. I think then, he plans to use white thinset, keeping it out of the grout spaces (very thin application). Then, will grout appropriately.

I'm not putting it behind a sink, but if you are doing that, then you probably don't need to use the backer.

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Have you seen this thread in Kitchens?

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Thanks for the info.

Saw that thread, oddly lacking in answers to the questions in it. Though it does seem a thin layer with clean up as you go is the trick. I just want to be able to pass along any tips to my GC, not sure if he's used such thin tiles and at that price I only want to buy those tiles once!

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3/16 v-notch trowel, or even 1/8" square notch to put the tiles up. That should pretty much keep the thinset out of the joints.

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Thanks, Bill! Sounds easy enough. I'm hoping he's happy I picked mounted tiles vs individual subways, not silently cursing the thin tiles :-)

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