cleaning a brick floor

oopsie913March 24, 2011

I am wondering what i can use to improve the look of our brick front hall in our house. the brick looks stained and light and dark splotchy. is there something that can be used to make it look shiny and more evenly colored. I have used various cleaners like vinegar, diluted bleach. just plain water, spic and span, but i am looking for some sort of cosmetic trick. Anything here?

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Brick flooring on a patio can be very beautiful. Sometimes, though, cleaning a brick floor can be quite exhausting. Learn how to properly care for brick flooring and prevent salt-buildup from occurring. Fill a bucket or pail with warm water. Add powdered dishwashing detergent to the water. Dunk the stiff-bristled scrub brush into the pail and begin scrubbing your brick flooring. This will prevent and eliminate white residue build-up on the surface of your bricks.

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scrub ! scrub and scrub is the only solution for cleaning bricks and some of the times it is more suitable for glass bricks and help a lot in cleaning..

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yes Cosmetic Tricks Galore and Save your elbows, Don't Scrub! Stain the bricks if you cannot clean them. The strong chemicals needed to clean bricks will also remove some of the color and move the dirt around from the inside producing a splotchy uneven look. When cleaning brick masonry, chemical products containing acids and a few sulphate-based ones work well. Go to Home Depot and ask for a "Zep" brand cleaner for masonry. The sulphate cleaners work when used in combination with a hi-pressure washer or with a steam clean pre-soak and rinse. By staining you make them relatively the same color. Since its a floor it will be easy to apply. Home Depot has their "Behr" line of acrylic based stains for concrete that are light in viscosity and absorb well. For denser less porous bricks a petroleum-based stain (H&C brand) will be needed to penetrate. The problems with scrubbing by hand are the many, many washes needed and that the bricks tend to soak back most of what you pull out and show signs of the coarse bristle brushes needed to clean them. I have used ice melting salt with powerful degreasers to absorb the grime and oils on very dirty road brick successfully. But there is some wait time involved with this approach and attention needed to humidity levels so that it doesn't dry out too quickly. Hope it helps!

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