Is Bostik TruColor grout very good?

janesylviaMarch 26, 2013

A salesman in a tile shop recommended Bostik TruColor grout to me, saying it never needs sealing, stain and chemical resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and never crack.

Is the Bostik TruColor grout easy to apply? What is its price compared to ordinary grout? My contractor never used it before. Also at the interface of plane change, does he still need to use silicon or caulking if he apply the TruColor grout?

Thank you very much.

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Others may know more, but the Bostik TruColor grout is a urethan grout. Bostick is a high quality line of tile installation products I believe. I have used their thinset that is recommended for use with Ditra and is in fact called "Ditra-Set" I also used their modified thinset called Hydromet (if I remember). Both products were very nice to work with. They weren't cheap at around $35/bag. Contractors would get it for less though.

It will need to cure without any water use for at least 7 days if I remember what I've read elsewhere. I have read over on the JB forum that there are several who really love it and will never use anything else. The only draw back I read is the curing time for use. The high end tile store near me sells both Laticrete and Bostick grouts to the trademen. This tile store uses the Bostick trucolor to grout their sample tiles that are on the floor in the show room because they can just put the lid back on and it is ready to go again for the next job. I have linked a the Bostik info on the product.

Regarding caulking, there is no comment on the video that is shown on the site. So I would imagine that caulk between planes would be necessary. You could call their tech support to find out. I would think that this would be comparable in price to Laticrete expoxy. If/when I tile my second bathroom, I may try to use it.

Here is a link that might be useful: bostik trucolor

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I used it on my shower and am very happy with it. It was used on the change of planes instead of caulk and I have not had any cracking in five years (knock wood). I didn't do the work myself, so I can't comment on the ease of use, but I think I remember my contractor saying that it was a little difficult to apply to the walls. It does need to cure for a week, so hopefully you have another bath that you can use.

It is expensive, but it was worth it to me.

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Enduring and jules, thank you so much for your information, which is very helpful.

I called Bostik, tech support said the trucolor grout does not guarantee that it would not crack at change of plane. I could try no silicon or caulking at first. If crack happens in the future, apply silicon or caulking.

He told me three things needs special attention. 1) work on a small area at a time before wiping it clean. 2) squeeze the sponge out of as much water as possible before cleaning. 3) cure time without any water for 7 days.

I forgot to ask if it would be better to mix by hand than by a mixer.

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Watch the video on their product site that I linked to you. They go over the mixing as well as some things to consider.

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Thank you very much, enduring. I went to buy the TruColor grout, but the salesman said it's very hard to apply TruColor grout to 1/16" tile spacing and strongly recommended Laticrete SpectraLock pro grout premium. He said Laticrete spectralock also never needs to be sealed and stain resistant, but is much easier to apply.

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You know, I applied Laticrete Spectralock and it was somewhat hard to apply too. When I watched the video I thought it looked like my Spectralock, in the way that it was going into place. It gets crumbly and falls to the floor.

I think either will be very good grout. Spectralock will need caulking at change of planes. They have a very nice caulking product that matches their grouts.

When I grouted my bathroom with Spectralock, I put plastic draping underneath the area I was working. I taped it totally to the wall so when the grout fell it would only fall onto the plastic drape. It is easily picked up and stuck back in the tub for use.

I was short 8 crown pieces so I had to grout those a month later after I got them up. I used plastic grocery bags taped to the wall under each grout area that needed grouting. Easy Peasy. I caught all the pieces as they crumbled off, put them back into the tub or just used my gloved hand to smear the pieces into place into the grout spaces.

Last tip, if you use Spectralock, it is hard to get into 1/16" spaces too. At least I found that to be true. So, (off label) when you first mix up your batch, take about a 1/4cup of the grout and put it in a freezer bag, labeled with the color and date and immediately put it in the freezer, sealed tight. It will be workable for several days maybe up to a week when you break off pieces and defrost (takes a second to warm up). Use it the next day to fill in holes that didn't get filled originally. You break off a piece and just smear it into place, followed later by the 2 washes as instructed. You can use vinegar in water to make your rinse water if you don't have the powdered rinse product that came with the product. I took about 2 tablespoons of vinegar and put it into a quart yogurt tub filled with water and a small piece of sponge for the cleanup. Then, the second day you might even find some more holes that you missed the day before. That's what happened to me. So use the rest as needed. Eventually over the next day or 2 you'll find all the voids and get them filled. The defrosted frozen grout seemed to perfectly adhere to the grout already in place. I have not had any difficulty with doing this technique with my little voids on my 1/16" grout spaces that didn't fill the first time around. Again, this grout will only keep for a few days. I left some in the freezer for a couple of weeks to see what it was like and it wasn't usable - crumbly.

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I am a kitchen and bath general contractor that was talked into using this product by a very insistent salesperson. I was troubled by the phrase "water resistant " instead of "waterproof" but decided to use it in the shower area in my own bath remodel. I did decide to call product support first and was given the instruction that if I was really bothered by this that I could go ahead and use a water based sealer product over the grout after waiting the prescribed curing period which I believe was 14 days. One of the products mentioned was Sealers Choice Gold from Aqua Mix. That is the product that I ended up using after a 21 day wait for the grout to cure. I applied the Sealers Choice per instructions making sure to get into all of the vulnerable areas using the recommendation for giving it a double coat. The next day I gave it a third coat. I was able to wait another week before our guests came and the shower was exposed to water for the first time. Incidentally, this installation was based on a Hardibacker substrate with a RedGuard waterproof membrane and large format glazed porcelain tiles and glass.
The crack appeared at a change of plane shower niche about a month later. It was based on the wall swelling. "Change of plane" caulking instructions did not appear in any of the directions and it was my understanding that the elastomeric qualities of a urethane based grout would preclude the need for such measures, besides it messes up the clean look.

Today I am going to remove the TruColor grout. Plan B does not involve Bostick.

My impressions of this product :
I felt it was more difficult than epoxy to install.
There is a residue that is hard to remove and seems to show up after if it cured. It is difficult to remove at that point but apparently this tenacious quality doesn't extend to the grouts ability to adhere and seal out water.
I havent checked to see how the remainder of the left over product (still in the bucket) is doing, but I won't be reusing it anyway.
The comment made about the product being difficult to apply to the walls is a good one. It is like putting crumbly slightly damp sand on to the wall- messy and inefficient. This made me nervous, thinking that there wasn't enough resin to "cream" the effects of the crumbly mix and so I was remixing and whipping the bucket with my margin trowel periodically to be certain this wasn't the case.
One interesting thing is that unlike regular grout, where you can tell when the grout is sealed by the way it looks when it gets wet. This grout doesn't do that. It always looks the same. In fact the water did not bead up on the grout like it does on regularly sealed grout. You were left with the impression that your expensive bottle of sealer had little effect on the grout performance.
As I said, I do this for a living, this was my own bathroom and I had the motivation, time, budget, and experience to get this done right. To have to go back after a month and start over is a major fail for this product.

I did attempt to contact Bostik to discuss this but they did not respond.

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In renovating our master bath we were persuaded by the tile store’s salesperson to use Bostik’s NeverSeal Urethane grout. While being an order of magnitude more expensive than traditional grout; the benefits of not having to seal, stain resistance, and resistance to cracking sounded like a good tradeoff. We specifically used 2.5 containers Bostik 9-lbs Delorean Gray Urethane Premixed Grout with 3”x6” polished carrera marble over Hardibacker backer board that was sealed with RedGuard waterproofing and crack membrane.

The general contractor had limited experience with the product but was willing to try it at our request. He indicated that it was more difficult to install due it “chunky/sandy” consistency and was more difficult to remove the haze on the surface of the tile.

3-4 months after installation we noticed water spots in the ceiling below the master bath. After exhaustive investigation by the general contractor (and a bath/tile expert I separately hire to investigate) was determined that: 1) the grout was not resisting water, 2) allowing it pool between the grout and RedGuard, then 3) flow to the lowest point - the ceiling below on one side and corner where floor and shower wall meet on the other. Attempts to seal the grout provided a short term solution, however the problem returns within 1-2 months. Additionally, the grout is heavily stained in some areas that repeated cleanings can not remove.

Numerous attempts to contact Bostick have not responded to.

The product appears to have some major failings, at least for my installation, and Bostick has been unresponsive in addressing. The contractor will be starting tear out of the tile and grout and replacement with a tradition grout shortly. It has been a very trying and expensive experience with NeverSeal Urethane grout. I cannot recommend this product or the company’s support.

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Current state-of-the-art (in my experience) has been CBP's "Fusion Pro." Stainproof, never need sealing and true to colour. No cheap at about fifty bucks a gallon from HD....but, no "callbacks" on it either. It's all I use.

You STILL want to use 100% silicone on any change-of-plane areas. No grout will work long there......

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