Please help me identify this tile?!

graceshanMarch 6, 2012

I love the tile in this photo, specifically the two sizes split by a middle piece and the beautiful color. At first I thought it was glass tile, but the middle piece looks more like porcelain? I'm just not sure. But I love it and want to find it for my bathroom. Any ideas??

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I found a better photo! Anyone know the type??

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It's gorgeous! I hope someone can help you. It looks like it has a slight texture, maybe crackle tile? The texture makes me think it's not glass. I have crackle tile by Walker Zanger on my kitchen backsplash--but I remember the tile salesperson telling my that it was not suitable for a bathroom. Sorry I can't be of any help to you :(
I regularly visit the home decorating and kitchen forums and there are a lot of knowledgeable posters on there who might be able to help you, in case you don't get your answer here. Good luck!

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Where were the photos from? If you contact the magazine/website they may be able to tell you, or put you in touch with the deisgner.

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I would search Ann Sacks and Complete Tile Collection. They both carry tiles very much like this.

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Here's a link to the designers who did the bathroom.

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Thank you! I found the designer's Facebook page and asked her. She says it's from Urban Archaeology (link below). She used it to design the master bathroom for the Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine 2006 Idea House. It appears to be a pale blue crackle ceramic tile. Beautiful....

Here is a link that might be useful: Urban Archaeology

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A lot of the stuff in that bathroom is from Urban Archeology.

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You're welcome.

FWIW: In case you didn't notice or the designer didn't tell you this, the smaller subs are a different color than the larger subs. One is a blue-gray, the other a green-gray. I was never a fan of the two colors of tile used in that bathroom. Each color is fine on its own, but the two together? I'm not a fan. Personal opinion.

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