How to Clean a Disgusting Plastic Shower Floor

lgal63March 29, 2010

I have purchased a property that has what I believer is a plastic shower floor (not a slippery fiberglass material). It is pretty old and somewhat textured. I have tried every conventional cleaning product as well as baking soda, vinegar and bleach. I have scrubbed it like crazy numerous times so I know it is "clean", however, it looks as though it has never been cleaned - absolutely disgusting. I don't even want to step into it. I've see some of the posts and would love some additional feedback as to what I could try. As a last resort I will use a refinishing kit, but I've got to beleive there is something that will take away the terribly grimy look. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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Last year I cleaned my plastic lawn chairs. 3 years of sitting outside had them grungy beyond belief. I did them with lestoil right out of the bottle. I put it on my damp rag and rubbed. You would not believe how clean they came. Then I rinsed with the hose. On the other hand it did practically nothing for my planters.

I think when plastic gets so old, the grime gets right into the plastic and it won't come out. They do have a plastic paint out now and maybe that's the way to go or see if the paint made for fiberglass tubs will work on what you have

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It is probably as clean as you are going to get it. I would go on to the refinishing kit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustoleum

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Did you try the Mr. Clean eraser? That is what cleaned mine, and it was bad.

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I hope that I can help...I have two options for you to try.

I have had luck with well as the Mr. Clean Eraser as wiredgirl mentioned.

1. Soft Scrub with bleach and a Magic Eraser, wet the shower down, turn off the water and squeeze out the soft scrub on the floor. Take the magic eraser or Mr. Clean eraser and scrub.
2. Bounce fabric sheets, this also cleans the glass and side walls of your shower as well. I get in the shower turn on the water and let the shower get good and wet. I turn the water off and take about 5 sheets and start careful not to slip!!

Hope this helps, let me know how it works!

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1. Get can of Easy-Off oven cleaner non-fume (blue can)
2. Shake can well and spray liberally on shower floor
3. Let sit overnight
4. Rinse thoroughly

I just did this on my textured plastic shower floor that I have been unable to clean with bleach, ammonia, acid, or other substances which I hesitate to mention.

The floor looks brand new. No more slipping and sliding on black soap scum.

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I used mr clean eraser and limeaway did the job

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Whoever posted the easy off oven spray tip. Thank you so much it really works great. I was worried I wouldn't get my security deposit back because of the condition of the shower and tub surround. Thank you again ðÂÂÂ

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How do your showers, toilets, ovens, etc. get so bad? I lived in my last home for 25 years and this one for 8 years, neither one has ever had to be cleaned like the ones posted about. I don't understand how they can get so bad.

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EmmaR , If you actually read the first post, they purchased the property this way. And there are also rentals where the tenants don't take as good a care of our property as we would like. Please don't judge.

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LOL, I also used oven cleaner and was amazed. Because it is a strong alkalai, please be careful using it (wear gloves, don't mix with other chemicals).

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I also tried Easy-Off in the blue can and it worked amazingly well. I would recommend it. I made sure to keep it off of the fixtures though. I didn't want to risk any damage to them.

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Use few tips to clean a disgusting plastic shower floor, the tips are such as spry a dry shower floor and let it soak for few minutes, your next step is scrub the floor with nice scrubbing brush, and then rinse the plastic shower floor with warm water, you can also scrub the floor using soda with water. Apply the above and clean your plastic shower floor.

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