White dishes with brownish spots on outside?

pkramer60March 1, 2013

Hi all!

My everyday dishes are plain bright white that run through the dishwasher. While the eating surface is staying white and is clean, the outside or bottom of the plates are taking on a brownish tea colored stain. And not just the dishes but the white pet food bowls also. I use the Finish powerball detergent and Jet Dry.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how I can clean this up?

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I would try another dish washing cleaner to see if that helped. Is your water extremely hard water?

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Emma, our water is Lake michigan so no softner is needed. I will give another brand a try. I was using Cascade but it was leaving a nasty white film on my glassware and the finish does not do that.

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If it were me I would call a plumbing repair shop and ask about this. A plumber found the cause of a roof leak in my home and repaired it, when a roofer could not. Your dish washer my not be working right.

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While I don't exactly know what your talking about, I've had Coffee Cups stain other dishes in the dishwasher, while using Powerball.

You may be able to undo the Browning with a Bleach based detegent like Finish or Cascade Gel. I think Citric Acid (Lemishine, Finish Booster) can also remove it, but don't quote me on that..

On a side note, Does Powerball ever leave White Spotting on your Flatware? I've had that happen so many times, I just gave up on those tablets :(

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