Radiant Heat Floor in Shower

ctkathyMarch 11, 2013

My husband and electrician are squeemish about having a heated floor in the shower. This is a regular shower and not a steam shower and it is a full gut/remodel. I know I have read about this somewhere and how everyone who does it loves it. Please help me win this one!! Thanks!

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It a good idea and is wonderful in the rest of the bathroom where you step on a cold tile floor in Winter. And in CT you probably have some cold tile floors in Winter. It seems to me that about a minute of hot water from the shower hitting the floor warms that part of the floor just fine. Go for the heat in front of the toilet and where you walk and stand.

Even here in California, those tile floors are cold in Winter. Currently we hop from throw rug to throw rug, The designer for up-coming remodel says it is not very expensive, as you can decide on which areas to heat.


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We are putting a heated floor in our bathroom, but not in the shower. The poured shower floor is much thicker. I wonder if the heat would even come up. I have never felt my shower floor is cool - it gets heated from the shower water. I AM thrilled about heating the tile I step onto when I get out of the shower.

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We are already fine with a heated floor in the bathroom; only the shower area is in question. I have read raves from people who have it. Hope some will post here.

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If you don't win this one, don't worry. I don't think it's needed either. I have never once wished that we had extended our heated floor into the shower. I also think I recall seeing some posts from people who did and were happy. Have you tried doing a search?

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Agree with treasuretheday. I see no need for the heated floor in the shower. I run the water for half a minute to heat it up anyway and the floor warms up from that just fine.

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If you type "heated shower floor" or something similar in the search box (upper right on page ) you will find several threads on this topic. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea. For example, read this thread:


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As a floor heater, it's completely unnecessary for the reasons already mentioned. Your shower water will warm the tile.

The only way I see it being a possible advantage is in terms of floor maintenance. The floor heat will promote drying of the grout, minimizing the chance of mold/mildew on the floor grout. But that's only if you have or anticipate those problems (poor ventilation, mildew, etc) to begin with.

Plus, if you have heat in your shower floor, you'll likely have a topical membrane on the pan, just under the tile. So there will be no deep wetting of the shower pan. Topical membranes promote quick drying of the floor due to their location within the floor structure.

I think heat in the shower floor sounds great, until you actually think it through. Then it makes little practical sense.

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