Mirrored Door

ctkathyMarch 11, 2013

I wonder if anyone has used an interior door for their bathroo entrance door that is mirrored on one side. If you have a good source, please let me know. Thank you.

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Mastercraft which I have seen at both Lowes and Menards, has a door with a mirror built into one side. It is a spcial order. We considered it, but decided we wanted hardwood maple.

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We are having one custom made from a local door shop. I'm actually going to have mirror on both sides. Was originally going to mirror just the side facing the bedroom for dressing purposes, but then thought I might want a mirror on the inside to investigate areas with some privacy, if you uhum know what I mean? It will have a wood trim all around, so not just solid mirror.

I actually used Craigslist to find the door manufacturer. There are so many in our area, it helped me narrow it down.

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jeld wen which can be ordered at home depot- has a great mirrored door- love ours!

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We did a mirrored door on the pocket door that goes from the bathroom into the closet. Got it special order at Lowe's.

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We installed a mirror in our existing bathroom door to match another original door in a bedroom. The original door style lent itself to an inset mirror which was easy to install.

Highly recommend doing this! Not only handy but lightens & brightens the space.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I guess it depends on what you want to see and when you wish to see it. We bought this house in the mid '70's when the rage was mirrored closet doors. Instead, we clipped a full length door mirror to the back of a bedroom door for cheap. That is where I am dressed and need to see me full length. Guess, I'm too old to want to see my naked bod in a full length bathroom mirror. Do what works for you. ;-)


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We ordered the Jeld Wyn. thank you. No room in the closet for a mirror, no pocket door, no door really--just an openning between our bathroom into the closet with our linen closet just inside. This seemed to be the only place to put a full length mirror and I think it will work out fine.

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Have Jeld Wyn on daughter's closet. Beveled edge, lovely.
BUT, when looking to do in MBR, the un-mirrored 6 panel doesn't match nearby existing door panel style...can't believe there aren't more manufacturers, looks like it'll have to be custom...

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Ordered one through a small local distributor from simpsondoor.com; it's a redi-prime French door model 8001 with mirror on one side to be used in a pocket (and to be painted). Now to decide whether mirror goes in closet side or bathroom side. Like Babka, don't necessarily need to see myself getting out of shower every day, just after I'm dressed :-) Door should arrive in next couple of weeks.

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