Brown fibers in pantry ceiling

wispyroseMarch 12, 2014

Hi, I just moved into a new place and found these brown things in various spots of the pantry closet ceiling. The ceiling is popcorn, but the brown spots are also in the corner of the pantry where the wall is smooth. I also found what appears to be a small cocoon in the pantry. Does anyone know what this might be and how I can remove it? Thank you!

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Another photo of the brown stuff. If anyone has an idea as to what they can be, please share. Thank you!

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Could it be from a suspended ceiling that has been sprayed with the popcorn stuff? There was brown stuff inside of our panels.

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I showed this to my husband; he is quite definite in thinking it is water damage.

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Mold came to my mind. Is it an outside wall, or under a bathroom?

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I also immediately thought water damage and some mold. Try cleaning it with bleach and water or hydrogen peroxide.

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It is under the stairway. We did have water leakage from the bathroom above, but it's maybe about 10 ft away from where the water leakage was. I have sprayed the spots with bleach. Thanks for all of your help!

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Just FYI--water can run from leaks to places you never even thought of. My mind immediately went to water damage and mold. The cocoon is probably from something that likes it moist and probably not an infestation if you only found one. Did spraying with bleach help? I've used it for mold inside a bathroom wall and it seemed to work really well. Hope you're enjoying your new home now and not stressing over this :)

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