How do I clean an Ethan Allen wood kitchen table?

samanddrewMarch 6, 2011

This is a wooden maple table that looks like it's got some kind of maybe urethane finish on it. The table gets food and gunk on it on a daily basis, since I have small children. Is it safe to use something like 409/Lysol spray on it? Using soap and water seems like it leaves a film, and plain water doesn't clean it effectively. What do I need to use that will be safe for the wood but clean it well? TIA

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Depends on the type of finish (I've seen wood finishes ruined by disinfectant or antibacterial sprays). Look on the label to see see if you can use it on wood. We have an oak table that we refinished after yrs of use (we applied Marine type varnish which is really durable). I've used different cleaners without harming the finish. But I wouldn't use just anything on my formal Dining Table.
I think Pledge makes a multi-use spray (can't remember exactly what its called).

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Thanks for the reply. This is not a formal dining's a maple farmhouse style table with some kind of varnish on it. I don't know if that makes a difference in how I'm supposed to be cleaning it.

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Hi there,
I have had a New Country Ethan Allen round table for 4 years now and have the same film and streaking that you are referring to. Also have young kids. I have tried Murphy's oil and another cleaner with no luck, in addition to warm water and dish soap. I put the leaf in the table recently and there is a dramatic difference between the new leaf (nice looking wood) and the streaking of my older table. Very frustrating as the table and chairs cost over $2400. Any help would be appreciated!

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