Dollbaby & Her 'March' Decor plus Buffet

jeannespinesMarch 9, 2011

Dollbaby hasn't been very receptive to my being out of commission with this respitotory crude (day 6-l/2) she convinced me to "set her tray" & take some pics tripod or anything, just take a few pics!

So I did...she was tried of playing "Scarlett" so here she is w/brand new "bib of roses" & a new outfit from TS this past yr...her bib matches my Lariat painted plate of roses:

I was saving this "Wicker looking Teddy" for Easter decor (party_music has been influencing me!) which I found last mo for $3 at a TS...not really basketweaved...but sure looks it! So I gave in & let Dollbaby have her way. The linens on her tray are quilt squares of "old-fashioned" patterns.

Here she is full-view...the little cup/saucer embossed w/pale green...another TS find $1 & her outfit is a dress & panties...very Springy!

I was changing out the "March" decor (before I got sick)...used green Heritage Lace mantle scarf for the linen...added these iron candles & some more of the Heisey Lariat elegant glassware:

Here's a close-up of the candlesticks...always love how how the buffet mirror reflects back an image:

Here's the whole buffet & the shelf...Lariat platter w/roses is what I built Dollbaby's outfit from...

the framed work is postcards that I matted & DH reworked an old frame for me which I painted (greens/gold) some yrs. ago...

the candlestick/bird idea is from luvs (I think) on this forum altho I couldn't convince myself to paint it "white:"

And here's the start for the table...centerpc...2 pieces of Heisey Lariat, new candle ring & seeded garland (l/2 price sale) ...w/new faux timer green candle:

Well, this should make Dollbaby happy for awhile, anyway! Hope you've enjoyed this "March" into March...warmer weather ahead...St. P's hope will get integrated soon when I get to be out & about again! TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, so sorry that "crud" is hanging around so long. Glad doll baby was able to convince you to play a little bit in spite of it. She looks really cute in her spring outfit. I like your bird--actually looks better not being painted white, goes better with your buffet and other items imho. Get well soon! Luvs

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Jeanne, DollBaby looks adorable in her new outfit.
That bear is precious,
The buffet is also looking very elegant.

Those votive candle holders are so different from anything I have seen before! The framed artwork is also quite striking.
So glad you were feeling well enough to come out and play for a while.

Hope you are 100% real soon.


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Jeanne, Babydoll looks as cute as a button in her new outfit. The Teddy bear should keep her happy for a while. The cup and saucer are perfect for her, I know how much she likes pretty things. You did a wonderful job with your buffet as usual. Love the framed artwork. What a great idea. Your DH did a nice job customizing the frame. The bird is really cute perched on the candle holder. I enjoyed seeing the Heisey Lariat pieces. I particularly like those tall candle holders. They are so elegant.
Glad you were up doing some decorating TFS.
hope you will be completely well soon.

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Jeanne, Dollbaby is so cute in her new pink outfit. Nice teddy you found and love the c & s on her tray. Your buffet is looking nice with all the new decortaions. The iron candle holders & is so pretty and the reflection is neat.

I think your right! Luvs showed us a bird on a candle stick that was so cute last year. Yours is pretty sitting up there. Wonderful postcards matted and framed. I really like your cp with the Heisey Lariat, candle and berry garland.


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Jeanne, Dollbaby looks adorable and I love your teddy bear. Your buffet decor is lovely. I agree with what everyone else has said and I hope you are feeling better real soon. - Marylee

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Marlene Kindred

Your decorations are just beautiful! Love the platter with the roses and the candlesticks look so elegant!

Hope you are feeling better and get better each day!

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Ditto on what the others said. Everything is so lovely.
And that wicker bear is just precious, like DollBaby.

I hope you are feeling better and almost back to normal.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks, holiday-ers!, for your gracious comments.

That teddy bear is resin & it's actually a "bank"...I just have loved seeing partymusic's basket creations on here & it reminded of basketry.

The 3 candlesticks I got some yrs ago from "Tenderhearts" catalog...they are cast iron (or something)...very heavy...I've had them in the spare room w/taper candles...but votives work too. You wouldn't want to get knocked over the head with one of those babies!

Thanks for "well wishes" ...afraid last night & today has been a bummer & I I'm hoping tomorrow will be a mending day...all this coughing...hangs on & on! (8-l/2 days now)...ugh! Jeanne S.

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I love DB's pretty in pink and her wicker teddy is so cute!

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Sorry I'm late posting this, I wouldn't want Dollbaby to think I didn't love her. And of course I love her Spring outfit(it's pink). Your buffet is very pretty, my favorite color combination green and pink, and I love seeing your elegant glassware too. I used to have those same postcards years ago, but I never got mine framed, you and DH did a bang up job. This vignette is saying Spring is on it's way and I'm ready. We are working on getting a new camper and the yard is calling my name, I don't know how much I'll be hanging out here in the near future. Jeanne, I hope you are well and feeling 100%.

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Sorry I'm late for this..
Dollbaby looks cute as a button and ready for Spring.
Love her little bear friend..he's a cutie and very different.
Your buffet looks lovely, as usual, with the new changes.
I like your idea with the postcards. They look nice and fit perfectly where you have them. Also, your candlesticks look very Art Deco and compliment your glassware.
I hope by now you're feeling better. It's been a long winter and we can all use some warm sun for both physical and mental healing.


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Thanks kathleen, frou & jane...Spring is sure a welcoming season for us all! I have gotten outside for 15 or 20 min. the last couple days (in the sunshine) with hooded sweatshirt...but still fighting respiratory crude! Dr. did give me an antibodic we're trying that.

Missed out on doing St. Pat's as I wanted to shop for a shamrock plant & a tall pillar candle...but, it's ok...the buffet is Springy, Dollbaby is happy & the shelf above the sliding glass doors has my white & green Think Spring, ladies!! (all pinery & trees & snowmen are still on the porch!...waiting for me & the 1st day of Spring on Sun!) Jeanne S.

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Hope the antibiotic works soon for you Jeanne..and taking in some of that sunshine too.
I can relate to your wintery things waiting to be put away on the porch..believe it or not, we have our 'Live' Christmas tree still lying out there on the porch (it was blown down from the winds) - with lights on - in the stand, waiting to be 'put out to pasture' . Between the wicked snows - cold - then Monsoon rains..we haven't had a chance or desire to remove it. I guess, like you, we've been waiting for the right moment.


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