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noelle65March 11, 2012

We are installing Fantech exhaust fans in both our master bath and kid's bath. I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

(Master Bath Q's)

1. Plan on installing Fantech PB270F-2 Premium Bath Fan w/ Fluorescent Light . One fan/lt combo will be installed in the shower, the other in the water closet. Is it possible to install a Lutron countdown timer (MA-T51) in a central area of the bath, and the light switches by each fan/lt location? I'm trying to avoid having both lights on, when only one light is needed.

2. If I can install the fan timer in a central location, is the Lutron MA-T51 the correct timer? The description says "120 Volt 600 Watt Single Pole No Neutral Required Countdown Timer from the Maestro Collection". Not sure what "no neutral required" means.

(Kid's Bath Q:)

3. The shower and toilet are combined in one area of the bath with a door that separates it from the vanity area. We plan on installing Fantech PB110F Premium Bath Fan w/ Fluorescent Light in the shower/toilet area. Since we live in Houston and it's really hot here, we opted for the fluorescent light instead of the halogen light because the halogens throw so much more heat. I realize that the dimmer feature will be useless but, other than that, will the Lutron MA-L3T251 work with a fluorescent light? We definitely want the convenience of the countdown timer, but I can't find a Lutron that is simply an "on/off" for the light.

Thanks so much!

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Call Lutron and speak to someone in tech support. When we were doing our kitchen, we had a lot of questions re: switches. Our ceiling fan had specific switch requirements, and the switch was to be "ganged" with the light switches for the room, so we needed to "coordinate" the fan switch with the light switches. The young man with whom we spoke (on at least a few different calls back and forth), helped us put together a comprehensive list of switches and receptacles for our reno.

Lutron's # is: 1-800-523-9466.

Good luck!

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