Help with master bath layout, please!

GreenHighlighterMarch 26, 2013

Hello! I'm trying to figure out my master bath layout and getting stumped.

Here's what I know we want:

- a double vanity with a space for me to sit and put on makeup (kinda like a desk, but not used for writing)
- dual shower (aka a shower space with two showers)
- a jetted bathtub
So, we want this all in a space that's 6'7" by 15'5". I've attached the plans, so you can see where the doors are and what's nearby. It's the bath in the lower left corner.

There's a small window on the left 6'7" wall where the giant tub is (the window is not shown on the plans). Ignore what's drawn in the bathroom now.

Basically, we just want a plan that fits in the above listed stuff and, ideally, doesn't put the window in the shower.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Link to the plans:

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Could you post a larger image of just the bathroom? It's great to have the full floorplan so that we can see the room in context but it's difficult to see the bathroom detail. Specific measurements and scale helps too.

There are alot of people here who are really good at layouts, not me particularly, but I'll offer any thoughts that I have.

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So, the part I'm stumped on is the area with the vanities, tub, and shower.

Ignore what's in there now.

There's a small window to be added to the 6'7" wall (location is flexible). And we want a double vanity with the little makeup area in between, a whirlpool tub, and a double shower (one with have body sprays, one will just have a showerhead and a hand showerhead).


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I am by no means an expert in bathroom layout, but it would be good to know what size tub and shower you want.
Is this a home to built or are you remodeling?
Bathrooms can be very personal and I prefer to have the vanity and tub and toilet closer than the closet and I would love to have a closet adjacent to the laundry room.

I am one who also prefers an open, but somewhat private toilet area.
I am throwing out an idea hoping to spur some other ideas.
I suggest try moving the closet to where the toilet/shower is and possibly put a pocket door between laundry and closet. Locate tub or shower on the outside wall as you enter the bathroom having them open to each other visually. Also remove the double door entry to master and make hallway 4 and half feet wide.
I think the plan you have now could work to add a makeup vanity if you were willing to put the shower in the toilet area, lengthen the vanity to include a sitting area, add a toilet to the left of the shower and close off the door to the bathroom from the hallway.

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I think the easiest way would be to slide the shower back where the toilet is and put the toilet between the shower and door.

I do really like karenseb idea too. It has some advantages.

It is a bit hard without some dimensions. I'm no expert with this stuff, so aside from a standard 60x30 tub I don't know how much space to allow. Luckily tiled showers can be almost any size, but how big do you want for a double one?

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Thanks, Karenseb and WIlliamsem!

I really like the idea of moving everything around, but the closet has already been framed, so that can't change. This is an addition, so we have a fair amount of leeway for the bathroom space, which hasn't been framed yet.

Our thinking for the bath to be on the other side of the closet is that usually one of us gets up much earlier than the other, and we were hoping to isolate the sleeping person from the noise (and, hopefully, waking up, too).

As for sizes of tub and shower, I'm not sure on those. For tub, it'd be nice to have a tub that can fit two but that's not a must-have. My husband likes Japanese soaking tubs, but I wasn't sure about how much water they take (they seem like they take a TON of water). So, all that to say, it's all flexible with the goal of fitting:
- double vanity with make-up area
- separate toilet closet
- dual shower
- tub
- window on the 6'7" wall, ideally not in the shower.

Thanks a bunch!!!

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Whatever you end up doing (what is wrong with what you have drawn?) don't have an inswing door to your toilet room... That is very dangerous as it traps any person with a medical emergency in that room--emts can't get to them. If you need greater explanation, let me know.

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Kirkhall -- good point! We will definitely change the swing of the toilet closet door.

The current layout doesn't allow for a couple of the things I want -- specifically, a dual shower shower and a makeup vanity between the double vanity sinks.

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