Where to store that wet dishrag?

ilovetnMarch 25, 2008

Where do people store the dishrag that you are using? I hate to see them thrown over the sink divider. On the other hand, I don't want them dripping inside of my new cabinets if I use a towel rack. Many years ago I used to have this little item (rubbermaid, I think) that had a towel rack and a plastic tray bottom to catch drips. Anyone have a good solution? Thanks

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I hang mine over my faucet. My MIL hangs hers over the edge of her dish drainer rack since she drys all her dishes after washing. I don't do that since I let the dishes air dry.

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I hang mine inside the cabinet under the sink on a towel rack. I wring the dishrag out first before I hang it and I have never had any drips. The dishrag is out of sight. Dishes are stored in the dishwasher, pots are washed, dried and put away immediately.

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what about a sponge caddy that attaches to the inside of the sink with suction cups? It will be in the sink so there would be no dripping water in side your cabinet and it's not exposed out side the sink?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rubbermaid

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We have an accordian drying rack in our laundry room where I hang anything that needs to air-dry before tossing it into the dirty clothes basket. I hang my wet dishrags there as well.


Here is a link that might be useful: Accordian Drying Rack

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my mother in law uses a marble paper towel stand she found at a yard sale for a buck, because she doesn't like sponges.

I use a sponge, my husband's used to using a dish rag - but the idea of leaving it out skeeves him, too, so it goes in the washing machine at the end of the night (we trade trade off chores, so he only does dishes every other night)

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I just ordered this from Stacks and Stacks and it does a great job! Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stacks and Stacks

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I no longer use dishrags or kitchen towels or sponges. They are too germy and smelly. I use paper towels only in the kitchen. Not very green of me,I know.

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I rinse the dishrag each time it's used and leave it folded on the divider between my two sinks. At night I hang it over the faucet to dry and put it in the dirty clothes bin in the morning. Taking out a fresh one each morning keeps the dishrag from becoming stale smelling.

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