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buckeye1March 6, 2006

I have tan leather seats in my car and my black leather coat is rubbing off on the seats and leaving black smudges. Can anyone recommend a product that would clean the seats? Thanks!

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Hmm...I have tan leather in my car and a black leather coat.....and a black suede jacket. Never had that kind of a problem.
I think I would try one of those magic sponges in an out of the way spot to see if it removes the beige color....if it doesn't, I'll bet it will remove the black marks. It really does a number on my white sofa!
Linda C

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I just bought a new car with leather seats and the owners manual says to use a 5% solution of detergent made for wool ( Woolite)? on the leather. Car is only 2 weeks old so have not tried it yet.

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Auto parts stores, and probably places like Target, have leather cleaning products. Rub on and wipe off. Get the best quality product you can.

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You can scrub it with soapy water, then just wipe it down with a towel. Then, get Huberd's Boot Grease. Sounds funny, I know, but it cleans and protects leather of all kinds. You can get it from (I've heard that you can find it at some wal-marts, but I haven't been able to thus far). You put it on with your hands, then rub in small circles with a lint-less cloth, like a well-washed baby diaper. Same for your jacket, and any leather shoes you have.

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I've used a leather cleaner called Lexol, purchased from an auto supply retailer. But I mainly use it for my leather sofa and it works great. Lexol also has a leather conditioner that I also put on as well. Used it for my car too and it works great. A bit expensive, but you really don't use much.

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:) I'd second the magic eraser as your first attempt...they're pretty much the lowest-impact approach on any smooth surface.

the leather guy may contradict me here, but I've found that 'polishing' compound from the auto parts store is a good fall-back, it's a mild abrasive, and I've had good luck getting things like ball-point pen ink off coach bags, and dye that's bled from a friend's red suede boots off a leather couch.

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Watched a cleaning show and it recommended regular bath soap or saddle soap to clean leather. They were using a bar of Dove? (looked like the unique shape of Dove soap) on the last episode I saw. Then once you have cleaned it wipe off soap reside with a well wrung cloth.

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I clean my leather sofa with Saddle Soap. Its sold in a tin like shoe polish, but its meant for washing horse sadles. WHen I don't have time for all that, I've had good results with the Method Leather wipes.

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