Colonial Birdhouse went outside on this Spring-y Day

jeannespinesMarch 30, 2011

Remember this TS find I showed you in the Fall of the Colonial Birdhouse...well, today it's sunny & so Spring-y outside (tho below normal temps) & I was working on the porch Easter decor...needed to find a permanent home for the bdhse. Here is last yr's pic:

Today it found a home at my "Lily Garden." Well, no lilies in that garden right now's pretty sad lookin' out there...but DH & I added the Colonial Birdhouse anyway! Here it is:

While I've been recuperating this month, DH took a pattern from this birdhse & built a couple more. I'll be painting them soon. His are super, duper...because he built them out of heavy duty barnwood planks! Love 'em...they'll be for Farmer's Market.

So, Spring has sprung here ... & can't help but smile to be outdoors a bit & see more of the purple Crocus out front:

Hope it's a Spring Holiday for you, holiday-ers, too! TFLookin' Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your birdhouse looks right at home with the other birdhouses. Cute bird cage with the blk bird hanging below them! You always have neat things outside too.

Your crocus are beautiful. Such pretty shades of purple. The little bunny looks so content surrounded by all the lovely flowers blooming. I just noticed my crocus are blooming too. Spring will come.


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Your crocus are beautiful! That birdhouse is way cute and looks great with all the others.

Please show us the ones DH built when you get them done.


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Jeanne..Punk took the words right out of my mouth >>
that bird house looks right at home nestled among the others. Great spot for it and also a great 'shot' of all of them. I always enjoy looking at pics of your've created so many pretty areas to enjoy.
Those crocus are so uplifting to Spring is actually on its way!! Well, we did have a nice day today, but tomorrow & Friday...more rain and snow...I can't believe how long Winter is hanging around.

Like Candy said.. please show us the birdhouses when they're all finished. I'd love to see them.


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Oh sure, go and show me all those beautiful purple flowers! Even if they'd grow in Phoenix, they wouldn't last 24hrs with me. So here I am with purple flower envy.
I really want to hang out at your place! Especially next two days during the fool "heat wave" when its suppose to be 97! This is March, for Pete's sake!

I was reading about that neat ol' birdhouse going out in the yard...and it looks great where you put it...but thinking I'm not sure I'd be able to put it outside. Then I read your talented DH will be making more off it. So tell me, do you guys ever come to the Phoenix Farmers Market? I'll be a good customer if you do. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Very cool birdhouse arrangement, Jeanne. The blackbird looks like he is in charge of the Condo LOL.
The crocus are beautiful. With the way the weather has been here it will be July before any thing blooms here. Rain, snow and fog today and up to 6" of snow overnight.YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!! Anyway I can come back and look at your Pretty flowers and dream.
I really hope you are feeling better now.

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Jeanne, I love that your little birdhouse city in the lily garden, can't wait for pix of it when the lilies are blooming. I wish we had a decent farmers market to set up at, sounds like fun. Those striped crocus are just beautiful, never seen that color.

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Marlene Kindred

Just beautiful Jeanne...already commented on the GJ forum!

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Love your birdhouse village. And your pics of crocus are just perfect. I can actually see spring coming! Lilies, did you say lilies? I love lilies. Do you all post garden pics somewhere else? Cottage gardens?


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J, your birdhouse display is wonderful! I haven't seen a crocus yet, maybe this week! Enjoy your warmer weather.

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