Musty Fabric

bob_jamisonMarch 11, 2011

I just bought some fabric -- literally hundreds of bolts of it, from a fabric store that was liquidated. Unfortunately, the place that the fabric was being stored had a water leak in a nearby room, which caused a rank mildewy/musty smell to pervade the storage place.

The fabric now has a musty smell all throughout it. I've looked everything over carefully, and there's no mildew (the fabric itself never got wet, and was in a room separate from the dampness). But it doesn't smell too great.

Washing hundreds of bolts of fabric just isn't feasible. Never mind the fact that you'd have to wash it, and then iron it; I think I'd shoot myself if I had to iron that much fabric. I would like to resell this fabric, but can not with it smelling this way.

So far, I've been laying the bolts out in the sun, which has helped somewhat; but opening up the bolts to let the sun get throughout the fabric just isn't feasible either -- I simply don't have the space.

I know there likely isn't any solution, but I figured I'd try asking here to see if anyone has any suggestions.

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This may sound like a nutty idea, but if it's the UV light of the sun that kills the mildew, would laying the fabric in a tanning bed for a while do anything?

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