This cleaning job seems to resist everything!!

raghu813March 8, 2012

I am trying to get a sticky substance off of surfaces, towels, etc. It is a micro thin layer that sticks and transfers easily to everything. Feels a bit like candy stickiness. This stuff does not clean off with soaps. As I I am having my troubles with multiple chemical sensitivity I am looking for a product that is unscented if possible. I need also something that will launder out since I can't use items that have gotten the sticky chemical on them. The chemical moves from one item to the other in laundry either in the washer / dryer I don't know which.

Could any of you recommend anything that might help?

Thank you for any help.


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Try mineral spirits or lighter fluid. I cannot imagine what you have that is sticking to cloth and surfaces, but I would reconsider laundering as the stuff could then stick on the interior of your machines and then get on everything.

If you have clothing items that are valuable, try sending the itmes to the dry cleaners and see if their solvents will remove the stuff.

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Maybe white vinegar or vodka? Where did the sticky stuff come from?

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goo off or googone

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