Need lightweight vacuum suggestions

linnea56March 23, 2011

I could use a recommendation. I need a lightweight vacuum for upstairs, plus to use on the carpeted stairs. Also for bare tiled floors.

I have a big heavy Kirby vacuum to do main areas. But it's so heavy I let things go dirty rather than drag it around. I have carpal tunnel and wrestling this monster around is a chore. I have actually crawled around on my knees picking up lint specks rather than pull that thing out.

I see a lot of stick type vacuums out there but have no idea which ones are good. I see them priced at anywhere between $ 50 and $ 150, but which ones are worth the money?

Something with a beater bar would be good for the stairs.

Vacuuming with the Kirby attachments (therefore no beater bar) doesn't get the lint/dust up.


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Aerus maker of the origanal electrolux makes a light weight called fresh Era,, You can never go wrong with an electolux.

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msi9670, isn't that an upright? How is OP supposed to do stairs with an upright?

I would suggest a Miele. They are SO light.

The S2 series is only around 12.75 lbs. See link - I used Canadian site as I could find the information there easier. The US has the same models they are just different colors and different names (just to confuse matters).

You can get a handy attachment for stairs. STB 101 Hand Turbobrush.

This very lightweight, special application carpet tool is driven by air movement of vacuum cleaner. Its 5 1/4" wide brush roll, adjustable port design and 120� swivel neck provides excellent manoeuvrability.

You could also consider the S5 (my favourite) but it gets a little heavier at 17.5 lbs. The turbo brush can be used on the S5 as well.

You can also get SFS 10 Flexhose. This extends the reach of the canister up to another 5 ft. so maybe you won't need to carry the machine up the stairs. You may be able to reach it with the hose length and extension.

They are very light and manoeuvrable to me.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele S2

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Livebetter ,
anything is better then som foriegn mad Miele that you can't get anyone to fix when it breaks down

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Not sure where you live but I have NO problem finding Miele service. I also live very close to Miele's Canadian head office.

I also received free upgrade to a 10 year warranty on mine so no worries for a long time.

German engineering/manufacturing at it's finest.

Sorry, but made in "America" ain't all it used to be either.

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I don't know that most (if any) "stick vacuum" is going to have a beater bar. At least the one's I've seen are mostly designed for quick clean-ups on hard surfaces.

Have to taken a look at Consumer Reports?

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Yes, I just looked. No mention of a beater bar in the ratings of any models.

I think the two needs are conflicting. Stairs vs. bare floors. I picked one based on their ratings and now I have to go out and find it. Maybe if I can get the stairs thoroughly cean once, quick vacuuming without a beater bar will work.

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"German engineering/manufacturing at it's finest.."
You have got to be kidding, Their motors are made in China.

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msi9670, I would welcome your "reliable" source for that information re: Miele motors are made in China".

I think that is completey incorrect.

I've read over and over again the following:

Miele's Vortex Motor System is developed and produced in the Miele factories in Germany.

A 1200 -watt powerful performance

Optimal usage of power through the airflow

The result: great cleaning performance with superior dust intake.

All Miele Vortex Motors have a seven year warranty.

Also very interesting:

Miele Vortex Motor vs. Previous 2-Fan Motor

1200 watts vs.1100 watts

26% increase in maximum suction

111" of water lift vs. 88" of water lift

10% increase in maximum air flow efficiency

29% decrease in weight (3.439 lbs vs. 4.85 lbs = 1.5 lbs)

20% increase in typical life expectancy to 1200 hours

7 year warranty vs. 5 year warranty

How the Miele Vortex Motor is Designed

In keeping with Miele's promise of "Immer Besser", meaning "Forever Better", Miele has created the new Miele Vortex motor for use in their canister and S7 series upright vacuums. For years they have been known for their high performance, durable canister vacuums with powerful 2-fan suction motors. While most manfacturers downsized their motors to single fan versions to save costs over the years, Miele and a few other manufacturers continued using the more efficient 2-fan motors, prefering to provide higher performance to their customers. Traditionally, these canister motors used fans which were a constant height from hub to rim. With this configuration a 2-fan motor typically develops about 1/3 more suction compared to its 1-fan counterpart, even at the same amperage rating.

The new Miele Vortex motor is an outstanding model of "thinking out of the box." They designed it with all new fan parts that are aerodynamically designed with no parallel surfaces and nine long fan scoops compared to the typical six shorter ones. These scoops are quite wide near the hub of the fan and become more narrow toward the outer edge similar to that of a jet engine compressor. This single stage "compressor design" optimizes the air flow and increases the overall motor efficiency. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the fan and its chamber, Miele also increased the power of the motor itself from 1100 watts to 1200 watts. By incorporating these features into the new Miele Vortex motor, Miele has produced a suction motor which develops 111" of water lift instead of the 88" of water lift developed by the 2-fan motor that they had been using. The maximum air flow efficiency has even increased by 10%.

Beyond redesigning the fan and its chamber, armature and field, Miele changed the overall layout and construction of the motor. The motor brushes have been moved forward so they are directly behind the fan and before the armature and field, where the air is the coolest. This extends their life by keeping them operating cooler. The motor housing is made from a high tech material called Duroplast which resists temperature and vibration effects while reducing the overall weight of the motor.

The Miele Vortex motor is another shining example of their making good on their promise of "Immer Besser." It is now 1 1/2 pounds lighter but having a 26% increase in maximum suction, 10% increase in maximum air flow efficiency and a typical life expectancy of 1200 hours. Miele is proud to be able to provide an outstanding 7-year warranty on this very special motor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Powerful Miele Vortex Motor

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I have read your above posts, plus the one you posted in another thread.

"Look into the origanl Electolux's now call Aerus Electolux.
Will last for years and still made in the USA. Even Hoovers are not made in this Country any more, What a shame.."

I am laughing, because you recommend the Aerus Fresh Era, which is not even made by Aerus. This is a lightweight upright that is not made in this country. It is made in China. It could be found under the Hoover, Royal and at least two other brands.

This Aerus started as the Lux Lite and looked identical to the Hoover and Royal. People found this out and Aerus made changes, so it would look different. Why would someone want to purchase an expensive Aerus, when they can get it under the Hoover nameplate for so much less. The most noticeable change is the longer brushroll and "L-shaped" hood.
It is even made under the Royal name

Google "Aerus Lux Lite" to see what came before the Fresh Era, then compare the two Aerus models.

You cannot put down a vacuum cleaner just because it is not made in the USA. There are some very good vacuum cleaners that are made in China. Everyone must evaluate China-made, German-made, etc. individually.

Even if a vacuum is made in the USA, it could be full of parts from other countries. and assembled in USA.

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Back to the original post:

I use 2 light weight options.
This handheld ordered from ace online Black and decker PVH1800 (blue and white.) Doesn't suck up gravel but does well with leaves, bugs on windowsills, etc. and I use it for the edges of the rooms by baseboards instead of the vacuum attachment. about $70

Eureka cordless quickup ordered online from target. It is purple.
Does a better job on rugs than my vacuum. can do hard floor or carpet.
.about $40

had them both for a year. Keep them on the chargers

Type in whatever you want and reviews and see what turns up. Or look for websites with reviews like or wherever you shop that allows returns to go to the shore rather than shipping them back.

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Thanks! Those sound like good options, cheerpeople.

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