Getting a new Bosch dishwasher!

purrusMarch 18, 2012

It's one of the higher-end ones--500 line, I think.

Anyway, what sort of dishwasher detergent works best for this kind of dishwasher? I know I will have to use jet dry already. (This is new for me, as we're replacing a 45-year-old workhorse kitchenaid dishwasher!)

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Here it is:

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"...this kind of dishwasher?"

This Bosch and all other residential dishwashers do the same thing the same way. There certainly are detergents that will work better for you than others but the single most important issue in that consideration will be the quality of your water, not the brand/model of the machine.

Assuming you're on city water, hardness will be the most significant variable. And beyond "hard" the next question would be "how hard?" To find "best" detergent and dosage you will first have to know this.

As an example, I offer this information from my own situation as possible starting point for your own noodling...........I have late-model Whirlpool machine similar in size/capacity to the one you're getting. With my soft water (zero grains) and using "normal" cycle selection (heat boost to 120F) my full dirty loads come sparkly/spotless every time. I use Cascade Complete powder (the new phosphate-free version) scant teaspoon prewash and full teaspoon main wash. (Harder water will require increased dosage for same result.) If you have water like mine and your new machine is installed and working as it should, it will give you results exactly like mine.

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LilFlowers MJLN

We use the little Cascade Action Pacs. We just bought a new Bosch dishwasher because our old one went out. I enjoy this dishwasher. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the drying, but like other people have said, you leave it open and it dries. The great thing we can actually have a conversation without having to open the dishwasher door. lol

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I've recently started using Finish Quantum and it works great. My water is slightly hard and since they removed the phosphates I've stopped using Cascade Complete powder.

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CR and other reviews/tests have given Finish Quantum paks high marks. I received a couple of free samples with my machine when new. However, be advised that if you have soft water, those paks -- and all the others -- are almost always a several-times over-dose. They do, indeed, work wonderfully cleaning-wise for any particular load observed. However, over-dosing of detergent leads to etching of glassware in time, sometimes an annoyingly short time. That's why I keep harping on knowing one's water quality in order to determine appropriate dosing.

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asolo is right about water hardness making the difference and believe me the glassware will get etched if you use too much. I had a house with a water softener and the other family members that moved in with me like refuges could not comprehend using less than the full amount the detergent cups held when they could be prodded to do the dishes. all my glasses were etched in a few months. Now I am working on the second kitchen in the building I bought after selling that house where the before mentioned family is no longer with me I have no water softener and I find Finish tablets worked very well with my city water which is considered to be soft for my area of Pennsylvania where the water is known to be hard.

so if you have harder water tabs work ok if you have soft water you do need a powder or gel so you can lessen the dose per load.

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The Miele repairman said Cascade Complete-- 1 TABLESPOON only and make sure the dishes have some food residue. The detergent enzymes need some "food" to eat, otherwise they'll eat the finish on your glasses & dishes.
The Cascade packs are too much detergent according to him. FYI

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Due respect to the Miele repairman, without consideration of water quality at the specific location, he wouldn't know. He clearly doesn't know anything about enzymes. This ground has been covered many times on these threads and elsewhere.

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Point taken. I guess our water is more or less of normal hardness.

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