Help Spill in my new car!!!

thegirlysMarch 18, 2010

Spilt Iced tea in my new car. Ssopped up as much as I could. Any other tips to get the rest of it & so it does not start to smell, so my dh does not find out?


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I assume you mean iced tea on a cloth seat?

Iced tea isn't going to stink up a car. Now that you have sopped it up, get a bucket of clean water and a cloth and wipe and rinse the area well to help get any tannin stain out of the fabric and remove any sugar residue.

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I agree that Iced Tea is not so bad. I once had a whole tray of sausage & peppers spill onto the back seat of my car. Cloth seats (I know, pretty dumb to put it there) It was one big, greasy, stained mess!
The next morning I got out there with a bottle of Carbona Rug cleaner. It comes in a red bottle with a brush and sponge on top. You shake the bottle, squeeze out the foam onto the sponge/brush top and brush it into the stain. The seat covers were a light gray fabric. As I did that I rubbed the seat with clean towels...lots of towels. It came out like brand new, no stains and no smells. My brother saw the mess and said "you will never get that out." I love a challenge, it was not hard to do and I was done in less than an hour. Tossed the towels into the washer and done. Please try it.

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I just remembered that I think the correct product name is Carbona Shampoozer. Please try it.

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I spilled two McDonalds coffee drinks on the floor matts of my car. I took them out and hosed them down but the black stains remain. Get to it quick. See above advice.

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