Pouring concrete, rain and floods

drtechnoMarch 15, 2010

Hi all.

Quick question - how long after pouring concrete footings can they be exposed to significant rain? We poured the footings, they had 4 days to cure @ daytime temps of 50, nighttime temps upper 30 to 40 before the rain started. We have had 3 days of rain, approx 3-4"

Soil conditions are favorable in that there is good draining soil and the site is at the top of a hill. Should I be concerned that there was only 4 days of curing prior to rain? Should I be concerned only if the footing is currently underwater (flooded) ? Or does it really not matter after 4 days? Temps are not forecast to go anywhere near freezing in the future.

Thanks all !

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Quick answer - no problem as long as the footing is not undermined.

Curing is the process of protecting the concrete so that water is retained and is therefore available for more complete hydration (water chemically combining with portland cement). The more complete the hydration, the stronger the concrete. One way to cure concrete is to keep it continually wet for several days, not that it is necessary for a residential footing since it will easily reach adequate hydration and strength without being cured.

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Good to know

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