Replacing jetted tub w/ shower, crazy layout!

greenhavenMarch 12, 2014

Soon we are going to start demolition of our awful jetted tub in the technical master bath. It has no shower so DH and I are sleeping upstairs near the only other shower in the house.

What we want to do is pull out the tub and transform the space into a beautiful walk-in, tiled shower. We have no qualms about it since there is a shower/tub combo upstairs.

We are not looking to do an extensive remodel, maybe give the vanity a facelift and new top, replace the toilet and probably new floors.

The "problem," which may not really be a "problem," is the wasted space in this room. Like the rest of the house, which is nearly 2200 sq ft., the use of space is poor at best and a travesty at worst. (The kitchen! Oy!)

I am looking for input on the space, and whether we should tear out the closet in the laundry room to make the shower longer. We could sacrifice the closet for the greater good, as it is not instrumental, but it would not be ideal.

Here is a photo of a crude but basically to-scale drawing of the footprint:

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I feel your pain. I am also living (but not for long) with a large master bathroom with all the fixtures crammed into just half the square footage. Our remodel is scheduled to start in April. If I had your bathroom, I would add to the width of the shower about 6" pushing it out toward the toilet. You have more than enough room there. Your length can remain the same allowing you to keep the closet.You didn't ask, but since this is a master, have you considered moving the linen closet to the opposite wall (make it wider but not as deep) and adding a second sink in the former space? It would certainly add value down the road for resale. A lot of people won't consider a house with only one sink in the master. Plus, it keeps all your plumbing along the same wall.

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aknall, thank you so much for your input! When you said to push out the shower a bit I though "No way, no room!" I had to get my tape measure back out (even though I just did this last night) and confirm that yes, indeed, there is room for that.

I played around with Lowes' planner last night, and my ideal, no-holds-barred plan would be to take out that linen closet entirely, put in a 60" vanity with two sinks (I guess) and purchase a cool cabinet to put on the lau rm wall and serve to store linens. 36" cab will still allow for a 24" towel bar. Really, demo is the least expensive part, since we/I can do most of that ourselves.

FWIW, we had a big old vanity in our former home that had one sink in the middle. I really didn't mind, and it gave us each our own space for our own "stuff." But I could see the resale value of a double sink. NOT that we plan on moving again, fifteen times in 25 years really is enough, don'tcha think, but you never know.

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If you're not moving "anytime soon" (I know things can change, but still, if you're not planning for it), then one sink or two is a personal decision. I love the idea of moving the linens to the other side - I will say, though, that we too have been looking for a "cool cabinet" for one bathroom to store linens and other stuff, and so far have come up empty! Lastly, in our small bathroom (6 x 10) the toilet is next to the shower, with just about the required 15" on center clearance - as long as the door to the shower is at the other end, it's absolutely fine.

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sjhockeyfan, awesome! Not awesome about the cabinet search, though. What are you looking for? New? used? Antique? Is size your biggest challenge or expense?

Two sinks would be additional plumbing, and greater expense. So even though, aesthetically two are probably better, I will probably plan for one. IF we ever have to sell this home buyers wouldn't need that much to convert to two sinks if they wished.

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The problem is we want something with doors (rather than drawers) and deep enough to act as a closet. So far, we just haven't found anything (for a reasonable price, even though we have no set budget for this item). The apartment is contemporary so probably not an antique per se, although our taste is eclectic.

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Gotcha. Reasonable is completely subjective, right?

If we go that route I will probably give myself a set time frame to find something before going stock. I like the idea of a 24" depth base, top to coordinate with vanity, and a 18" deep top cabinet with glass front doors. Sort of like a hutch for the bathroom.

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